2 thoughts on “Live stream Nong May ID Line Thaifed.113 เพื่อเปลี่ยนระบอบประเทศไท28-10 2019

  1. We love to be Thai Federation like America or U.S.A ,Learn free from 1 year to 18 year and also Free too in Education in University , Get well Fair when getting older 62 And up to 65 , You can go Vacation pay off and have fun for your life in these Age like you see farang visit in Thailand ,and If loose job , Can ask for government help , Well fair for People Who had low income , the TAX You Pay ,You get back to help your life Now or in the future ,Nobody Robbed you like Garbage Loyal and Junta Government and theirs Nominees , They had Robbed for long time,Make all Thai People poor and Sufferring till NOW, Of cause We will buy Any thing from America ,England Geramany , Because They were good quality and Good Heart ,They help their People , Not poor heart and poor quality like some Jerk Country , Garbage Ad Caraboa , Don't you liar yourself ,Your Family use everything from USA ,Ad Caraboa such a Fucking liar ,Use all Sound Wrong Way ,Bring the Thai People to die Suffering ,Rich and the Famous on Thai people Head , Ad Caraboa is one of Nominees Maheedol 's Family ,Go to Hell with Them , Don't use the Fucking sound to liar Thai People Anymore.

  2. Hi p Dok Kaew and Everyone in box ,Together We Won ,Wearing Black Everyday , This Channel is not open for Slave or Idiot Loyal Who Robbed Everything from Thailand Country , Everyday people hear only media of Garbage Loyal ,3 ,5 ,7 ,9 And E. T. C. , E Chonicha Saetang is one of Slave or Norminees of Garbage Loyal or one of the Robbed , Love to share cake with Those Garbage ,Don't want to loose the status and the budget money , Names may be ,It's not Real ,Those Idiot try to use any Names ,Beware of any Names , Who's know ,May be E Nui , E Zimbo , E Pa Heebo and Any one in Politic Government ,Because The Garbage Loyal did bad thing to any Country they went live in ,Too bad to hear that Thai People have Bad Reputation, Also the Greedy China People that Sin Jerk Pig Send them every Country in the World , They will got Split on Face with hate eyes ,Civilize Country try to Froze all Thai Economic to block all money circulate in Thailand Because they know all the money and profit , Does not go to help Thai People but the Garbage Loyal and the Junta and the Gangs Take it all , It's too bad for a lot of Thai People but They have to do to Teach These Garbage Loyal and Junta, Coming Soon The Garbage Loyal will get arrest and catch up , Thai People must Destroy These Garbage Loyal Now ,Don't Wait too long , It will Robbed more ,Thai People will be more Suffering , Please be patient and Economic use , U N Will cut their Garbage Loyal's heads off Soon , No more Mafia of Selling Drug ,No more Mafia selling Woman .Maheedol 's Family will be History of Super Bad human ,Super Bad Thai Garbage Loyal in the World in the legend .

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