Lil Boom – “Already Dead ” Dance Challenge – UWU Challenges 2019 TikTok #uwuchallenge

Welcome to Lil Boom – “Already Dead ” Dance Challenge – UWU Challenges 2019 TikTok #uwuchallenge

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  1. Kenzi YEET says:

    oml stop assulting tik tok girls they literally did nothing wrong move on

  2. ASKTOEKNEE 542 says:

    hey really called it the damn UWU challenge

  3. Amamos Al Rubius Ust-Oficial says:

    Y como siempre tienen que cagarla haciendo sus vídeos estúpidos con las mejores canciones,morros mecos

  4. Khalijah Ijames says:

    Me: Nothing can ruin the parrot dance…NOTHING CAN RUIN THE PARROT DANC-

    My sister:Hey look at this thing on tik t-

    Me:*Throws phone out the window*NO

  5. Veritel Yakumo says:

    2:31 i love how the cats are just scraping in the background

  6. JPxB__360 DELTIA says:

    Imagine Pewdiepie doing this challenge…

  7. Darien Chua says:

    song has entered the chat

    tik-tok kids: it's free real estate

  8. unicorn don't exist says:

    All those people tryna look cute LOL

  9. MaxBr1 says:

    Kill me pease.

  10. Daniel Savage says:

    So kawaii. 🥺😍

  11. Regil says:

    This song has been infected by tiktok.

  12. GAMACHE A.h says:

    Where is the real dance ?

  13. Panda BoyGaming12 says:

    The Parrots are better

  14. dυвυвυвυ says:

    asian girl suits better

  15. Infamous Thomas Wu says:

    Unemployment rate either goes up or it goes down I’d people claiming social media is work

  16. 4 Requim says:


  17. MangoCayden says:

    When something good happens

    Tik tok: lemme ruin this

  18. NoahctY07 says:

    Parrots are better dancers then them

  19. Craig says:


  20. supr_ says:

    This is fucking cringe

  21. samuel fuentealba says:

    Una mierda

  22. aria marigold says:

    This comment section is fucking entitled let people have their fun who cares if it's cringey they're not hurting anyone

  23. Timme ^^ says:

    Nani the fuck i just watched?!

  24. Nohan Hernandez says:

    oh shit. they started 🙁

  25. Alt Co says:

    Pokimane is the best

  26. Blessed B Thy WiLL says:

    Girls are silly amd weird

  27. Dino-Rex says:

    Ke complicado es escribir con una mano :v

  28. Dr. Hugo Strange says:

    I know it only lasted 5 minutes but it felt likr 50.

  29. Taesty kookies says:

    What a way to ruin a wholesome song ._.

  30. Daniel Romero says:

    we like parrots not hoomans

  31. Edris Malaguian says:

    Most of them don't know the lyrics tho

  32. Potang Inamo says:

    Why so fucking pretty( i mean the song) lol

  33. jabari bryce says:

    Look at these fucking non e girls a whole nigga in this

  34. adinxla says:

    click video

    Let's see how tik tok frick this up..

  35. HOT ChickenWings says:


  36. Haskan says:

    Tik tok: hey, this song is trendy now


  37. little lilly says:

    Your users ruin everything so stop

  38. Mohamed Briguiche says:

    Cringe and why is there the bass thing plus its not deadman nor lil boom that made this song so please stop

  39. Shnarah Marshall says:

    a want them to do it with a parrots

  40. Shnarah Marshall says:

    they do not doit propily (some of them do)

  41. KD JW says:

    Go away

  42. Justin Laurente says:

    Man these hoes can't even dance for shit

  43. Mclovin _17 says:

    I love my life because my life is you fuck you

  44. Lazy Videos says:

    This is why Filthy Frank left us
    He probably get a heart attack watching this

  45. Lazy Videos says:

    This is why Filthy Frank left us
    He probably get a heart attack watching this

  46. Cᴀғᴇ́ says:

    Random moviments

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