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I specialize in love and relationship guidance for those who desire clarity on their situations. I am neither a counsellor or legal advisor.

For better clarity please be sure to check out other signs in your birth chart if you feel your sun sign doesn’t resonate for your general reading. These general readings are for entertainment purposes only and solely at your own risk.

(I currently am not doing any personal readings).

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14 thoughts on “Libra ♎️ you may just get your wish, major changes coming in ✨

  1. Libra Sun! Great message. Living for me! Decision is to leave the pass and move on. I trusted my intention, It was the best decision I ever made. Leveling up. Thank you for your energy.

  2. he's married so no no!! he can like me all he want and be sneaky but I'll keep going away.. and yeah,, I'm hoping for a new love for Aquarius,, I did him wrong so I'll try to what I can to have reconnect with him I'm just afraid he'd turn me down.. and I'm contemplating to move to another country to work,, ❤️❤️.. thanks!! 100% resonates!!

  3. Oh WOW! You are great!! You said having doubt with "moving"..indeed~ Having children and commited. Looking forward to a peaceful resolution. Thanks to you for sharing such a wonderful reading. ❤️👍

  4. Yup good ole Leo. I got the confidence sass n beauty. He ignored me. I moved on. And he just texted me tonight. I want real love not a guy all about his sexual needs. Im all about me. He was a liar n cheater. I have new love n I don't want the guy that don't want nothing to me. I got options I got a virgo, Pisces, n ex Leo (whom I don't wants) leo been watching me. I know I wished for him but idk if I want them back he not gonna change. He knows why I left cause I'm so sick of the lies bullshit I want my real man that doesn't take me for granted. Loves me n wants a stable strong relationship with growth together over the years to receive the love I desire. ex needs to be honest n tell me the truth. Depends on my relationship n what he says in his confession if I take him back

  5. Cross watching but the reading is so reversed lol… I’m Pisces but he was the Libra but was the ultimate deceiver. Stalking my apartment 10 days out of 7.

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