LG UltraGear™ Gaming Monitor 27GL850 – Nano IPS 1ms / 144Hz / NVIDIA® G-SYNC® Compatible / HDR 10

Finally, the Dream Gaming Monitor, a gamer’s dream, was released. The LG UltraGear™ 27GL850 with integrated Nano IPS and IPS 1ms gives you an advanced picture quality and ultra-fast speed whatever game you enjoy. With the more detailed graphics of Nano IPS and the ultra-fast speed of 1ms response time, hardcore gamers will get ultimate immersive experience. Become the true game changer with the UltraGear™ 27GL850.
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LG UltraGear Product Page (27GL850):
Key Feature ▶
27″ 16:9 WQHD 2560×1440
Nano IPS (DCI-P3 98%)
IPS 1ms
HDR 10
NVIDIA® G-SYNC® Compatible
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  1. Empriction says:

    is this better than 4K IPS 60hz?

  2. Daddys Savage says:

    Just copped it and it’s by far the best monitor/tv I have owned apex looks unreal ..

  3. Julian T says:

    Hola en mar del plata argentina donde se puede comprar ?

  4. Itz Dizaster says:

    How about the fortnite graphics?

  5. 80BCCAVEMAN says:

    LG being An Asia brand sold its product more expensively in Asia. Well Played, LG.

  6. 승렬 says:

    LG야 앞으로 가전제품만 만들어줘..삼성은 폰 열심히 만들테니!

  7. I says:

    LG why don't you show how worse the backlight bleeding?
    People should know this.

  8. 정윤환 says:

    worst game demo possibly

  9. EVILid says:

    Impossible to buy it on Belgium shame on you

  10. Papa Belzemond says:

    Monitor is super but this comercial is bad and ugly….

  11. Jesten Zimmerman says:

    Can't buy it anywhere who cares. Why not make a video of some Hydro Crystal Nano 24k 500hz Super Nano Freesync 10 HDR 100 Monitor if no one can buy it.

  12. Naveen Kumar says:

    release date india??

  13. Iceman78ize says:

    Lg you just made the best monitor for the price! Make a better introduction! Geez that sucked.
    Im ordering mine soon

  14. ROCKER19943 says:

    still unavailable in stores….

  15. Monty Kataria says:

    Release date in India?

  16. Gio Ng says:

    Singapore needs this ! When When When ???

  17. Mystarius says:

    Whats the difference between the LG 27GL850 and the LG 27GL850-b ??

  18. Barry Perry says:

    what was the game

  19. Future Brain says:

    Better to buy this monitor or LG 27UK850 for Xbox One X?

  20. Gustavo Salgado says:

    Release date?

  21. AMB says:

    When's the beta for this game coming out?

  22. Flynn banynn says:

    Its a nice monitor and you've set a good foundation of response times of IPS tech, I would suggest on the horizon to focus on other things. What people demand and need in a TV or monitor nowdays is HDR. We dont just want a monitor that can accept an HDR input, we actually want a display that can reproduce it and give a "HDR" experience, now this is difficult but you are getting there with 8bit+frc and large DCI p3 coverage, vesa 400 is not enought. Next try to increase the peak brightness and include Local dimming

  23. · HigoChumbo · says:

    So… how's the contrast?

  24. Rjacky says:

    We really need a 24" IPS Gaming monitor

  25. Ryan Henry says:

    Aorus 27 or this?

  26. Spuddy L says:

    i would buy this if only it wasn't so damn ugly.

  27. dosduros says:

    Em…. Is this a new game coming out or a monitor? 😀

  28. mursie100 says:

    Just fyi, this monitor also supports AMD FreeSync

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