Let's Play Minecraft: Ep. 79 – King Michael

Will Michael be a good king? The lads find out in this week’s Minecraft Let’s Play. Join FIRST to watch episodes early:

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Let’s Play Minecraft: Ep. 79 – King Michael

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  1. Kaineng says:

    I thought of a good way to "ration" food: do the russian roulette thing by putting a dispenser and button for steak and if it doesn't dispense you lose a gold block

    No peeking at the dispenser though

  2. Mechanical Whale Productions says:

    Mogar the Proactive.

  3. XANApwns says:

    Whose dog? Does AH have a dog?

  4. Exzavier Wright says:

    Late 2019

  5. RJ Haney says:

    Interesting fact if you’re into totally useless linguistics-Beowulf translates from the Old English as Bee Wolf which is just a different way of saying bear b

  6. Jtwood274 - says:

    Michael was not prepared at all, every round he forgot about something

  7. Ashley Thomasina Grant Madden-Pierce says:

    Gavin won display case challenge

  8. I Sbammo I says:

    I just thought: what if Gavin's tower was himself? He would get or win a piece of gold armor every round, something like that. Then there would be some kind of race, or a round where once someone(s) is about to win, of Gavin in full gold armor gets to, and stands on his division block first, he would win x]. Anyways, just a fun thought 😀

    King Mogar is one of my favorites!

  9. whats poppin says:

    The fucking noise Gavin makes at 50:57

  10. Chromatic Cobra says:

    Beowulf means bee wolf which means bear so just say Beowulf

  11. Mighty Coffee Productions says:

    Beowulf, translated, means bee-eater, and since bees make honey, the beowulf would eat honey, coming from bees, and if the stereotype of bears eating honey is taken into account, beowulf basically means bear.

  12. ChannelyChannel says:

    First minecraft ever lets play I watched.

  13. Matthew Varney says:

    I lost it when Gavin misplaced the gold block

  14. Captain fives the Gamerboy101 says:

    Gavin already doing a good job as a jester

  15. Jason Damrau says:

    The king videos are easily the best minecraft let's plays

  16. Ricardo Vlogs 173 says:

    That otro tho

  17. Tzu says:

    This video is why Kdin became trans, because Ryan ripped his dick off for touching his crown

  18. simon kaster says:

    I always knew Gavin would get shafted by Michael but damn

  19. truck kinda person says:

    technically no body one in real life display cases sit on a wood base

  20. witch bitch says:

    lindsays voice when she says 'i agree' at 54:32 is the cutest thing like ever

  21. RJ Haney says:

    To be a total dork, Beowulf is actually believed to be a compound of bee and wolf->beewolf->bear. So Beowulf is already about bears.

  22. Gabriel Reyes says:

    Michael had ender pearls the entire game but still couldnt get out of the zombie pit 😂 LOL

  23. XxOBLIVIONxX Gaming says:

    Who here in 2019

  24. Aidan Donnelly says:


  25. Aidan Donnelly says:


  26. Anas Ali says:

    This was without a doubt the worst king episode ever… Doesn't help when Michael tries so hard to be funny. Ends up being full of cringe

  27. Jose Hernandez says:

    Crazy nostalgia

  28. LunaTheBlackWolf says:

    Michael: "I wanna see the beauty of childbirth"

    Four or five years later, he did XD and just recently a second time

  29. Sarah Weisters says:

    Ryan the "former" Mad King? There's is nothing "former" about Mad King Ryan. His power and majesty is unceasing.

    King Mogar, a valiant, calculated ruler …


  30. Brittany S says:

    I like Michael and Gavin's friendship. It's cute

  31. FRIDGE says:

    I remember watching this 5 years ago. God damn

  32. Nicholas Negrete says:

    So is king Michael a Christmas movie?

  33. SnarlyCharly says:

    juxtapose my DICK

  34. Benjamin Sanov says:

    I pity Ryan's wife when she asks him to talk dirty to her.

  35. Captain Britain says:

    The display case definitely wasn’t fair. Michael should have set out the rules more clearly because Ryan’s definitely wasn’t the right shape.

  36. Captain Britain says:

    ahem That’s not what juxtaposed means.

  37. Fire Hazard105 says:

    I love how butthurt Gavin was about the glass case after Michael already told him multiple times that he had to do the bottom and he just ignored his king. He didn’t get robbed he refused to do the actual work

  38. Ali May says:

    When Gavin is dancing and singing at the start it sounds like the wii theme song 😂😂

  39. Paige Weaver says:

    I can't believe its been 4 years 😐 i feel so old now

  40. Cameron says:

    "Nobody's ready for Mirror's Edge 2"

    Am i the only person who heard nothing about that game after it finally came out?

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