LEO ♌️ THEY MAY COME BACK WHEN IT’S TOO LATE | December 2019 Tarot Reading

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With that said, let’s play some tarot cards 🔮✨


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  1. Lum B. says:

    Resonates 100%.💕
    Capricorn ghosted me since my birthday party. He never showed up never apologised. We've been together 2 yrs on /off.
    So yes I am furious, and I hope I don't come accross him yet !!!#@% . I am not waiting for him but when a Leo is angry…RUN 😁🦁

  2. Bel Nour says:

    Thank you! 💕💕💕💕

  3. N R says:

    That is pretty certain, pretty much 100% certain

  4. indy m says:

    Isn't Sirena amazing!!!!!

  5. Lori Wiltse says:

    💯 spot on

  6. Cheryl Champion says:

    Great reading ! Thanks 🙏 👍👌

  7. Livnded Guy says:


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