Latest Nvidia drivers beta “Ultra-Low Latency Mode”

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Thanks to Avi Thour for giving me the idea of the video.

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  1. BananaGaming says:

    Some of you in the comments are reporting that it has decreased your performance. So based on that, results may clearly vary. Also as mentioned in the video it's in beta right now. You can switch to 'on' if you want the regular setting.

  2. Tomáš Florián says:

    Why i havent got there new driver with my graphic:nvidia 920m

  3. Dnt says:

    i have more cpu usage with ultra low latency "ON"

  4. Jack Herold says:

    You sound like a younger version of low spec gamer

  5. nikolygtx says:

    All games i play are cpu intensive

  6. Menace says:

    people still play counter strike? jesus christ

  7. Flashy Finesse says:

    Was skeptical at first but I can definitely tell the difference! Mouse aim and kbm inputs are alot snappier and feel more crisp!
    I'm on Ryzen 2600x and 1080ti

  8. qweqwe Flinstone says:

    thank you very much for that video. If not you i will never know that this new graphic option even exist

  9. John Smithens says:

    Update new driver 9/10/19 this fixes specific csgo issues like stutter at high FPS and some CTd’s people were having!

  10. John Smithens says:

    Ok I figured out why for me it’s such a huge input lag decrease. I run 2600k @4.8 and a 980ti this is a bottle neck for me and with low latency this takes the bottle neck away! Plz update newest driver as of today this fixes csgo stutter and crashes

  11. Ken Taylor says:

    Reduces input lag? Oh that’s nice

  12. Linus Testicle Tips says:

    input lug :v

  13. BlueGoon 420 says:

    Yaaaay, didn’t notice a difference when tried out

  14. mjs1231 says:

    Vsync set to on disables the option.
    Best option is vsync set to fast in nvidia cp
    Vsync off overly taxes gpu and builds un needed heat
    Vsync on with a monitor that does 144 hz is the only option.
    Then and only then is the low latency option a thing.
    So if you dont have a 1080 ti or 2080 ti its completely worthless because nothing else drives frames high enough to matter.

  15. Hypnotize says:

    ryzen 5 2600 @4.1ghz and a 1080 and the ultra latency does help, just a tad, but it does help in my case.

  16. Farhan Ahmed says:

    You guys have no idea how much it improved the performance on gtx 1050ti. I am getting smooth framerates now. It was all a bit of stuttering here and there before in new games.
    This feature is not for high end cards..

  17. Temp Abdullah says:

    dose this work with controller

  18. Vitaliy Kolesnyk says:

    I have an i9 and rtx2080ti, I haven't noticed any lags and fps remains at the same stable 500fps

  19. srksii says:

    I have those conditions in Apex, 60-100 fps, testing it atm, frame rate do seems little better with new driver, but its like low latency gives a bit more of micro frame jumping than without it

  20. Kyle Marlatt says:

    I use Ultra low latency in rust and I can personally say it helps ALOT with input lag and honestly I haven't seen a decrease in frames at all if you want to be as accurate as possible I do recommend this setting

  21. [RS] mineturte83 says:

    After updating my drivers, every time I pick up a weapon now, it causes frame stutters. wtf?

  22. Hampe 722 says:

    Using an GTX 760 ( Bad tbh ) but i’m changing to an GTX 1070 in like 3 days. 🙂

  23. mk mason says:

    Keeps crashin

  24. Michał says:

    1060 king of 1080p 👍

  25. Aris vazdekis soria says:

    I use ryzen 7 1700, a gtx 1060 6gb and 2x8gb ram 2400Mhz


    latency mode off: 147fps
    latency mode on: 145fps
    latency mode ultra: 146fps

  26. Riku YT says:

    I was wondering why I was actually hitting my shots in cs o.0

  27. Atho says:

    You should also talk about AMD's version of the settings called Anti-Lag, it seems to do the exact same thing, just with AMD GPUs !

  28. nightmare says:

    Config? With mods

  29. Doodle Noodle says:

    this new driver make my game performance drop !
    my specs:GTX 1060 6GBm
    I5 8300H

  30. toutoi says:

    "off" may be better with gtx1050.
    I tried latency mode in ApexLegends with gtx1050 and it caused more PREDICTION ERROR. IDK PREDICTION ERROR but I certainly felt some latencies with "ultra".
    At first I thought it was caused by the server because both "ultra" and "off" caused PREDICTION ERROR. But, it seems that there is difference the number of error.

    addition(8/30): I felt the combination of adaptive v-sync and ultra was very good.

  31. xD3VILxJINx says:

    i tried the new drivers with my gtx 980 and i must say it was nice when it worked. In Fortnite and other Unreal engine games i noticed i kept getting fps latency spikes about 4ms to mid 30ms every 5 seconds. making the games unplayable. even though the fps was higher it was not stable so i went back to some older drivers and now the latency stays bellow 6ms and never spikes. if anyone else has a similar card try 430.97 drivers

  32. Andre Fernandes says:

    like like like like like like like i m from brazil, i love you rainbow six 200 fps with stream turned on tnks +sub

  33. 유한양행 says:

    Is it related to the 'graphics' latency or it is about keyboard mouse Key Lag thing? or Both,,, XD I'm from South Korea and there are not conversations and communities about turning it. my frame always go upper than my monitor's 144hz 144fps. Do I have to turn it on?

  34. Harrods says:

    good thing i'm watching this with an amd gpu

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