LA Times: Blackouts in California may make fighting climate change harder

Lawmakers’ plans to fight climate change are facing complications as dangerous wildfires burn through California. According to the Los Angeles Times, precautionary blackouts to prevent wildfires from sparking are causing reliability concerns for the state’s electric grid. Sammy Roth, an energy reporter for the Los Angeles Times, joined CBSN to discuss.

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  1. Kevin Clements says:

    But it's going to convince some climate deniers too..

  2. Some Person says:

    Actually it could localize electricity production, so you wouldn't need massive powerlines that spark fires all over the state when they're hit by trees. You could even have a percentage solar or wind power production in each home leading to less need for power plants to move energy further. Maybe it's time for the fossil fuel lobby to let America move forward instead of making America stay in the 20th century by using old dirty power sources.

  3. John McLain says:

    He smokes two joints before he smokes a joint. Rad dude ✌🏻

  4. j r says:

    Dont they ever get tired of trying to find something to complain about?

  5. Linda Minton says:

    Let the democrat environment zealots eat smelt.

  6. kydrythm says:

    What's it like living in a Liberal turmoil on the daily?

  7. Dedalus69 says:

    Climate change is a Socialist Trojan Horse to claim more power over the people.

  8. Tim King says:

    HAHAHA,,California. The clown of the world

  9. Moishe Weinberg says:

    This fellow Jew has no idea what he's talking about, rooftop solar goes into the grid and does not power the house itself.
    No grid means no power to residential areas unless they properly prepared for living in third world conditions with generators and battery banks.

  10. antawn r ervin says:


  11. Logical Conservative says:

    The water head Leftists are blaming capitalism. This is not the fault of capitalism. This crony company was contracted by California government, and there is no competition inside of a more than 70,000 square mile area, as the State of california allows them to hold a monopoly, and enforces that monopoly for them. There's nothing stopping California government from just running the power grid, themselves. Your government created this mess, Leftists.

  12. mike dmann says:

    It is so hard to complain when yah can't see!

  13. Tony Stark says:

    Sandy is one hot Turkish chick.

  14. White Jesus says:

    This guy looks high…..he must be gettin that cali green kush

  15. Blue Heeler Way says:

    Please don’t insult Liberals only religion ,Weather Worship🤭🤦‍♂️🧘‍♂️

  16. Tony Newmy Naga says:

    Why wildfire always broke up in California state. What is going on? Folks!

  17. Elisheba Mitchell says:

    I pray for the Californians. This is just so sad

  18. mike briganti says:


  19. Gia Pacella says:

    America must return to times of High Standards…2019 very sloppy….Leaders Citizens

  20. Total Control 871 says:

    The electric companies are more than happy to improve their infrastructure…..AT THE CONSUMER'S EXPENSE!

  21. Legna Zenitram says:


  22. Aaron Larson says:

    Sammy Roth looks EVIL

  23. Charles Pagan says:

    What a crap…..

  24. mrkjsmooth16 says:

    just become apart of mexico. bye

  25. Pitbulls are Great Babysitters says:

    This guy is genetically Israeli

  26. Space Alien says:

    LOL. how can you fight climate change? its climate, its suppose to change. this "climate change" that you got al gore, leo dicaprio, and now a 15 year old girl into promoting is nothing more than a tax scam on western citizens with disposable income. we should check with macron and see how his gasoline tax is saving planet earth.

  27. STATIC TV says:

    Climate TAX 😜👈

  28. Zybersun USA says:

    I am just thinking that maybe, temporarily, California should focus more on fire prevention as the first and most important battle against climate change. But hey, if you all want to live in a burnt out desert go for it. But I still don't get how that helps the climate.

  29. RC RC says:

    Yeah, been hearing, climate change, global warming, global cooling, tax more tax and then more tax to change things and how thr planet reacts? Repetition really works on some people.

  30. Roland Jenkins says:

    May make climate change harder but home invasion robberies easier.

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