KTX Korean BULLET TRAIN First Class REVIEW + Spicy Korean Breakfast | Busan to Seoul, South Korea

My tenth day in South Korea began in Busan, where my travel buddy Sam and I ended our time there to head back to Seoul, where we would finish out our amazing, two-week trip! Come along with us as we have a spicy Korean breakfast and then take a first-class KTX bullet train ride back to Seoul!



Our day started with a bit of a hiccup: we were both so wiped from our non-stop travels that we slept through our alarms! We made a mad dash to Busan Station but ended up with more than an hour before our train.

Busan Station has lots of restaurants and convenience stores, but we had enough time to go up to the second level and eat some traditional Korean food. We ordered a kimchi stew with rice, which looked super spicy and delicious. It had onions, spring onions, and tofu.

The broth was really spicy, hot in temperature, and rich in flavor. While my stew cooled off, I tried the fish cake with mushrooms, which was like oden. The kimchi on the side wasn’t as spicy as the stew bu t was amazing. There were also some really refreshing vegetables with a creamy sauce.

The rice was fresh and contained a second grain in it. Sam and I both had to let the stew sit for it to cool off. I had never eaten anything so spicy for breakfast! It really lit me up!

After our meal, we had 20 minutes until our train. You have to be punctual because the trains in Korea are never late. There’s a sign just outside the main area that told us tha the 8:10 a.m. KTX train wasn’t delayed. It’s so efficient!

We went to find car number 3 of our train. It was tough to lug our bags down the platform, but we made it! My first class seat had a table. There’re also a KTX magazine. You have to be super quiet on trains in Korea, and it was still early, so people were sleeping. You can recline your seats and charge your batteries in the outlet. The seats are made of a nice material.

Our tickets cost 83,700 won, or about $69 U.S. It’s a great value for a 2.5-hour ride that crosses the entire country!

In first class, they give you a packet that contains mixed nuts, a chocolate chip cookie, and a wipey. There are so many tunnels along the route, as well as mountains and villages. We passed through one tunnel for almost 20 minutes!

The nutswere really nice and contained cashews, raisins, and almonds. You should always use a wet wipe before you eat in Korea. They give them to you all the time.

Onboard, there’s also a water machine, which provides you with a bottle of ice-cold water for free. There’s also a bathroom with a toilet and sink.

With an hour and 30 minutes left, we had already passed a few cities. I recommend bringing food onboard because they don’t serve food on Korean trains.

After sleeping a bit more, we made our way through Seoul Station and headed to our two-bedroom Airbnb apartment in the city. It’s located right outside of exit 12, so it’s easy to catch trains and buses to anywhere in the city.

We followed our Airbnb host’s instructions from Seoul Station. It’s hard to use the street signs to navigate because of the language barrier, so we had to follow the pictures he sent instead! Luckily, the instructions were very clear. They usually have a password keypad, which is really cool.

It was a bit of a walk to get there. The apartment was down a restaurant row with lots of delicious items I couldn’t wait to try. Finally, we arrived at The Dada House & Co. Our unit was on the second floor. It was really nice, with a little kitchen, little living room, small kitchen, and two bedrooms.

What a morning!

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    Hey man, whenever you visit India again, please visit Indore city, because it is called food hub of India.

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    No zombies from Busan to Seoul but vise versa

  3. Robert Winkler says:

    Sam needs to put a curve on that hat brim LOL! The kimchi looked delicious although I don't eat anything with tofu in it. I love trains of all types, particularly old steam engines and old passenger cars (definitely not a bullet train). I once even had a 22' X 30' model railroad layout and collected railroad paraphernalia.

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    Korea is one the most tech savvy area in the world.

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    Here is another difference between Korea, and in the U.S., which is that restaurants/eating places near or in the train stations or airports usually expensive in the U.S., bur fairly opposite in Korea. And almost all trains, buses or subway trains are on time in Korea, and often can be that punctual here in the U.S. …

  11. Sunflower Baby says:

    Love your videos…
    However always biting your silverware – cringe worthy.

  12. Ricardo Tongol says:

    Hello David and Sam heading from Busan to Seoul via KTX in first class wohoooo. Now let’s eat before you board the bullet train. Super spicy stew hot and good. Rich in flavor.hmmm now to the KTX….the traveler and the beast.😄😄 thanks for a great blog. Journey was great nice scenery’s

  13. Single Date says:

    Good kitchen!

  14. ysj says:

    In fact, Koreans like spicy food very much, but not everyone likes it. Korean people like spicy food that is fermented or tastes different than spicy food.
    But you really like spicy food. Busan is a complex but very historic city with a large influx of refugees as the last battleground in the war against North Korea.
    Your videos are so attractive and more beautiful than our real lives. i m really fan of your channel

  15. Joey Riollano says:

    Hey David. Great video. That bullet train looks like it's the way to go when traversing cross country. The United States needs to get with South Korea and come up with a bullet train plan for home.
    Prayers for you and your family during the storm. We'll need some here in Charleston SC too.

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    KTX First Class way to go David Bro !!
    The Airbnb is also super chic with eateries surrounding it.

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