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A recent decision by G/O Media, the owners of Kotaku and several other traditional media sites has caused internal outrage and protest by Games Journalists. As a result, several Journos including Jason Schreier, Heather Alexandra, Maddy Myers, and several others may be getting fired.
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source: https://goindocal.com/

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43 thoughts on “Kotaku Journalists may be getting fired over new Parent Company policy

  1. Due to recently uncovered information, I have found that YouTube IS partially deranking my channel. Likes, shares, comments will be greatly appreciated!

  2. Well get woke go broke is coming to fruition at Kotaku. I'm somewhat happy that this is coming to the preachy urinalists. While I can't agree with schrier's political views and terrible viewpoint towards the gaming community I hope he will get rehired somewhere else, drop the political bullshit, and get back to doing good articles.

  3. "Please keep your comments respectful". Yea, that's… asking a lot from the internet. Anyone with a grain of common sense on how the 'net works sees that as a "please flood this mailing list with so much vitriol that it becomes unusable". It's just a snide way of getting back at the bosses for pulling in the reins a bit.

  4. Oh no, they won't be able to avoid doing their actual jobs, and won't be able to inject their Far-Left politics into every fucking paragraph.
    My heard weeps for these people. /s

  5. Your wrong on this one dude. You're basically saying to shut up and do your job . It's important to keep a perspective on things. Your own prejudices are showing here.

  6. I have to disagree with you on this, Sid. That directive has nothing to do with the political leanings of these and everything to do with enforcing those ads. The articles detailing the ad policies being taken private makes that obvious.

  7. Kotaku is the last place I'd go if I wanted to read about video games. Their journalists flood their own political views into their reports so often that it's unbearable to read. Their entire existence as a "video game journalism" site is a fraud and I hope that these journalists get fired so the rest of Kotaku's staff learns how to write about video games properly – WITHOUT sticking their social justice opinions into their reports.

  8. While they occasionally write something that isn't complete dross, kotaku's main use has been memes and topics for youtubers and for that we'll still have reset era…

  9. Gamers want to know about games and whether they are any good and that is what Kotaku should provide. The new policy by ownership is a step in the right direction, getting Kotaku to focus on gaming journalism but it alone won't be enough. Even with the new policy the journalists could still write about a game but say nothing about the pros and cons of the game itself (is the game fun, challenging, good controls, good story, graphics, microtransactions, progression system in place, sound etc?). Instead the journalist could still go off on a rant about all the "ISTS" allegedly within the game ("the game is racist, misogynist, sexist, etc") but not provide any meaningful critique about the technical aspects of the game itself. This is the next step Kotaku would need to take, hiring a managing editor to keep the journalists focused on providing the info gamers want and keeping the personal politics out of it.

  10. I support nonbiased and objective journalism whenever possible, however this sounds more like censorship and strongarm tactics and that worries me a great deal more than whatever Kotaku has to say. I don't read them often, and if it's too much propoganda I leave, however I do feel that their actions are absolutely justified. They didn't lash out at their parent, only made a complaint line known. This seems very prejudicial, and the precedence that can set should scare you far more than some far-left drivel. I too want my game journalism to be objective, but sometimes political hot takes can be interesting for those who want it and who am I to judge?

  11. Can't tell you when the last time I went to Kotaku. There is a far left agenda there and I go to games to get away from politics. So if they get rid of agendas and become real journalists reporting on actual facts then I might actually consider them worth looking at again.

  12. I was on Kotaku once in 2010. They sent a guy to Pax Prime and asked to video me and my group because we were wearing Sgt. Pepper uniforms to celebrate Rock Band 3.

  13. Oh no, woke "Fake"-Journalists are getting fired… let's all find someone who gives a crap… I'd rather watch Ads with Audio than having to read political-biased crap… fire them all!

  14. Wouldn't bother me to see Kotaku collapse. The average gamer doesn't desire to be preached to, or talked down to with the use of politics and social justice issues. The journos at Kotaku have a bad habit of this and it rubs the majority of people the wrong way. I've often wondered who many of their articals were geared towards; Gamers or those who don't even play games.

  15. Maybe if they wrote content that appealed to a wider audience instead of content that attacked the core gaming audience they would have enough revenue to not need incredibly intrusive ads to stay afloat?

    You can have political views without being outright antagonistic and without acting like a poor little victim when the people you purposely incited call you out on your crap. People are finally being told "Make money or piss off, woke points don't pay bills" and I'm not willing to feel sorry for people who spend their time writing incendiary articles and acting smug on social media about how they're glad they made everyone mad and calling for the ban of anyone who puts forward a counter argument they can't weasel out of.

  16. Let em burn. I haven't read or supported Kotaku in years, and when I do a DuckDuckgo search for a game I go out of my way to avoid It and other sites like it.

  17. I see a bunch of bots have already taken root here but anyways this sounds like it's actually two things wrapped into one; The disruptive ads policy and the wheel house policy.
    On the first all I can say is; Don't these people behind this policy ever browse the web themselves? Is their nose so deep in their coke that they don't see that stuff like that royally piss people off?
    As for the second it seems that as things stand not much of value is in danger of being lost. Anyone with actual integrity caught in the crossfire will likely find work in a better company and those without will probably end up with another dish rag that most will know to avoid.

  18. I won't shed a tear if Kotaku collapses or is forced to actually report on gaming related stuff without injecting their own personal political views in to their work. Funny how so many of these woke outlets are suffering, its almost as if most people don't like to be preached at.

  19. Your politics are showing. Others have said this, but if you try to complain about bringing politics to journalism, you might want to tone it down yourself.

  20. You position is an oxymoron. A gaming industry youtuber making a situation political, accusing other journalists for being political. It's obvious that your problem is the political stance and not that they are political. Your only problem is that you view them as SJW. Of course you would like them to have an unviewable site. No shit.

  21. Hehehehehe SJW kotaku when you tried to be punk you end like one now nobody going to care nor they going to save your rats from the doom is coming.

  22. Firefox and Chrome (mobile) have built in ad blockers which will block intrusive ads, such as ones with autoplaying audio.

  23. TLDW : The moronic SJW writters of Deadspin and Kotaku don't understand that following your boss orders isn't optional.

    When your boss tells you to stop doing SJW politic and focus on what your site is supposed to be about, you do just that and don't shit in public on your boss.

    I hope ALL thos assholes will lose their job and will have the hardest of times to find a new one. These SJW activists are a cancer on the media.

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