Killing mocha the ugly bitch loves NOT sans


  1. Penelope Sans wife and gf says:

    Mocha is fat and ugly your next not Kawaii Sana

  2. Kawaii Sana loves sans says:

    Hey that was my FRIEND your messing with meanie poo head!!!!!!

  3. _Wîlløw Päw_ says:

    You cant tell others to kill themself
    They did nothing to you >:c

  4. SymbiontUV Plays says:

    beat me up next

  5. khangimator says:

    You went too far

  6. Mocha loves Sans says:

    Lmao ok

  7. Lavender The Sun Goddess says:

    🅗 🅞 🅦 🅓 🅐 🅡 🅔 🅨 🅞 🅤

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