Kaymind vs CHEATERS? PUBG Highlight

Got ’em.
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  1. Kaymind says:


    Here is a link to the VOD where we watch the replay if you are interested!

  2. Ökkeş Eğriboyun says:


  3. blindwillie99 says:

    That was some Pulp Fiction level luck there at the start.

  4. duc anh Ngo says:

    I love u but , your appear in my match is not good at all xD

  5. Bad DFW Drivers says:

    The first hacker has 26% hs ratio. The second has 55% ahahhahahahahah talk about blatant.

  6. Gijs Dj says:

    pubg still likes to trash the EU servers with Chinese cheaters in mass numbers. WTF are they thinking?

  7. Tùng Hoàng says:

    Noob sever =))

  8. Waqas Javaid says:

    Those who hacks meets hacker. This mothfucker is cheater too i spectate him when i was using wall hack

  9. BL4NK SAMA says:


  10. shane beer says:

    I bet you kaymind wont even heart my comment

  11. PRYVTgomerPYLE says:

    I have ran into a few cheater in the past few days… Kind getting sick of it really.

    Been a long time since the game was this bad. New development crew, means cheating is okay? Might be time for me to find a new game to play.

  12. Sameer Kharade says:

    00:35 that guy. Kaymind reloaded his gun in front of him.

  13. Jacob O'Burke says:

    Beating cheaters with ease

  14. Ahhh goo crazy Ahhh goo stupid says:

    Nice 69

  15. weILL says:

    theres no luck today

    Few seconds later he's fully equipped with a 90 ammos M416 meanwhile a guy potatoes him. xD

  16. ・ノエル says:

    Aren't you too good?

  17. Tobias Pabst says:

    The First two kills Show how Bad Players on US Servers are really and that getting kills there is way easier than EU Servers.
    In 2000 hours ive never Seen such potatos on EU, on US You get like 5 freekills every game.

  18. Khoa Trần says:

    The vector can easily outplay people on sanhok

  19. Elem says:

    You didn't even check for the team to be cheating by playing the reply?
    What the hell man…

  20. Best of Battle Royale says:

    The first knock, jesus how bad was that guy LOL

  21. aoki9x says:

    DunJR mad

  22. Pichet Paul says:

    Perfect deplacement, god of spray, it's awesome….

  23. Vasin Anton says:

    this background music confuses for a bit

  24. Shraun Hawk says:

    The legendary defensive players

  25. Dreyz isRowdy says:

    Now thats what I call a rush

  26. XThe Dude says:

    Woww man I'm new to your channel but i'm starting to love your videos…❣️

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