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Star Wars Rise of Skywalker could signal the end of Kathleen Kennedy’s reign over Star Wars – unless it secretly ended already? Could the creatives in charge of The Mandalorian already be in place to succeed after Episode IX has been released?

In this editorial, @AndreEinherjar will contrast the state of Star Wars on film with the state of Star Wars on Disney+, before exploring just how badly Kathleen Kennedy dropped the ball, and why a new regime may be the only way forward.

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32 thoughts on “Kathleen Kennedy’s Star Wars regime may be coming to an End

  1. Even if KK leaves, if they don't change there attitude towards the fans, it won't make a difference who they have to replace her.

  2. Star Wars under new management is the only way to go and that is the reason why I will NOT buy a ticket to the new Star Wars movie, other than it being inevitably bad.

  3. I am very, very, VERY disappointed with Star Wars under Kathleen Kennedy's watch. I think it is too late for me to come back. I hope she gets fired for what she did. She should have been fired and not gotten her contract renewed. She and Rian Johnson ruined Star Wars. Fuck her and fuck him.

  4. Lucas and Iger are CUCKS, Instead of giving control to the best person for the job, they wanted to Virtue Signal and give it to a women. Then she destroyed it and she is still around. If she was a man and lost Disney 500 million – 1 billion she would have been FIRED ASAP.

  5. If only…
    I've been a fan of Star Wars for a long, long time and loved "Legends" though in the interest of fairness: not all entries into the EU were solid and some were equally guilty of the things I blame the Disney-era Star Wars for. Cough resurrecting Palpatine and diminishing Vader's sacrifice cough
    But: even though not all aspects of the EU were that great, they never killed the franchise for me. Post the sequels (and yes, yes, the last one may still turn out all right) I'm just no longer interested in the universe or the characters they setup. I'm still interested in Star Wars and it's heartbreaking that this is the version we got stuck with…

    The Mandalorian and Jedi Fallen Order gave me new hope, but – dowside of a shared universe! – I don't see how any new show or film can avoid the chaotic mess that the sequels are.

  6. Will I give it a shot under the new regime? I…. honestly don't know anymore. After spending the last 30 years of my life diving into the EU and immersing myself in these characters it was one solid blow to have it all tossed aside and discarded. Fine. I convinced myself that I could understand why they did it. Okay, we'll see where this goes…

    But after what they've done to the legacy characters of Luke, Han and Leia? I can't really find myself wanting to bother anymore. I'm too tired. I don't know if I want to invest myself into something like this again. They have forever tarnished the original trilogy and it's characters with this 'sequel trilogy'. Since this is all considered 'canon' they can't fix what 'The Force Awakens' did to Han. They can't fix what 'The Last Jedi' did to Luke. And while Leia still maintained a modicum of dignity ('Mary Poppins' notwithstanding) she's not really much of a success story either. These last two movies have completely destroyed the purpose, story, and development of the original trilogy and even the prequels so far as to render them null and void and veritably pointless. And now they want to bring back The Emperor.

    Suffice to say I am not looking forward to 'The Rise of Skywalker' and likely won't even see it, preferring instead to see just how badly they intend to mangle it all via online written synopsis. After that though? Again… I don't know. My disposition may change in the future, but I'm not as young and idealistic nor as curious as I once was, and I just can't bring myself to throw my interest into some brave new world all over again. It wasn't necessarily the world that I had grown to love. It was the characters and their stories. Those characters are now shells of their former selves as I once knew them, and that is solidified within Disney canon. Their 'legacy' is forever tarnished. Their stories all have terrible endings, and I just don't really feel like caring anymore.

  7. Disney thinks $4bn is too much for Star Wars? Dawg, they have no idea how much of a steal that was. They had a money printing machine, they're just too cheap to actually take care of their acquisitions and, increasingly, their original IPs. They've grown fat on their laurels and now that the cracks are showing, the mouse is shook.

  8. Films with an agenda are like the uncanny valley. On the surface, they look like a regular popular film, but people can sense when something is amiss. People don't want to be preached to; they want to be entertained. If Hollywood wants to make a principled film, that's what indy films and art-house movies are for. It baffles me how Hollywood blames their audience when their product doesn't sell. If you want to make money, make things people want to see. Mark Hamill knew what he was talking about when he said: "you gotta think about the fans." Those are the people you are trying to get money from. It's less lucrative to sign a new customer than to retain an old one. That's day one of business class kind of stuff.

  9. bob iger is a fine man, and a great businessman, if Kathleen Kennedy and Ryan Jonson take the fall for the failure of starwars, and if the new regime somehow fixes their mistakes then i would be willing to support them. i just want to feel good about a future starwars film again.

  10. Argh!
    Kathleen: “you turned them against me!”
    Lucas: “you have done that yourself!”
    Kathleen: “you will not take them from me!”
    Lucas: “your greed and lust for women empowerment have already done that”
    Kathleen: “don’t lecture George lucas, I have seen the lies of the fans, I do not fear the fandom as you do.
    “I have brought equality, feminism and social justice to my new franchise!”
    Lucas: “your new franchise?” “Kathleen, my allegiance is to the great storytelling, to ENTERTAINMENT!”
    Kathleen: “don’t make me disavow you”
    Lucas: “only a suit deals in absolutes, I will do what I must”
    Kathleen: “you will try”

  11. It's just what always happens in Hollywood in general, they pander to the SJWS bend over for diversity but the SJWS never show up when it matters and always blame the usual subjects ie Men not seeing women in leading roles etc

  12. f**k star wars, there are consequences for ruining my childhood. Namely $$$ where it counts. When I saw TLJ in the theater, I canceled my streaming services, stopped buy all things star wars, and gave an oath, I WILL PIRATE AND STEAL EVERYTHING, DISNEY / STAR WARS WILL NOT GET A SINGLE DOLLAR FROM ME EVER AGAIN. They killed my childhood, I ruining their bottom line. F**K Them all.

  13. Let's buy a $4,000,000,000 entertainment franchise and have absolutely no plan as to what creative direction we want to take it !!!

  14. Very disrespectful to Kathleen Kennedy's previous work as a producer I'd heard about her 15-20 years ago and she was always highly regarded. I do believe she's chosen the wrong path with The Star Wars franchise by demonising the long suffering fans of previous generations I'd lay the blame on Disney they have too many restrictions on their creative process and considering how well they've done with the Marvel movie's it seems strange with what they've done with Star Wars.
    This video is one of the reasons people get pissed off with long term Star Wars fans because of the disrespect shown to her but not George Lucas who sold Star Wars after he'd made three terrible prequels.
    Just so you know I don't like any of the new Star Wars stuff bar The Mandalorian which I'm very much enjoying with it's old school Star Wars vibes.

  15. They would have to erase the new trilogy entirely a bad ending can ruin a whole series like game of thrones these movies are so bad they make the original trilogy pointless they Hurt beloved characters it is amazing how much damage they have done

  16. The positive reception to The Mandalorian just shows how simple Star Wars needs to be to make people happy and makes it all the more bewildering how they screwed it up on film so badly. It's not a mind-bending, expectation-subverting reinvention, it's just a dude in a gritty-feeling Galaxy doing one thing per episode. That's all the first film was, that's all you need to do. There's still too many winks and nods for my liking though. Not as bad as Solo, but it distracts me every time and takes me out of the story.

  17. I don’t really think there’s anything Disney could do that would make me feel the way I used to feel about Star Wars prior to TLJ again. I don’t love it anymore. I also know they’ve missed their window of opportunity to bring my children into the fandom. My kids have no special association with the franchise, they don’t care about it and never have. I think that’s a far greater problem for Disney moving forward than reconnecting with the Lucus fandom. I think the whole franchise collapses without them continually converting the OT fans children into SW fans themselves and so far Disney has failed to do this.

  18. Interesting trivia: Star Wars is basically a rip-off of a series of books by Edgar Rice Burroughs featuring John Carter of Mars. Yeah that John Carter. Story is the Burroughs estate wanted to get these books made into movies after much previous failure and at one point contacted Jon Favreau. After thumbing thru the books Favreau reportedly said: " Wow, George really plundered these!" And declined. Fast forward to now and apparently Favreau will now head Star Wars. The irony is immense.

  19. i don't agree. these new movies aren't that bad and the notes lucas had on his vision for episode 7 onwards sounded worse.

  20. Kennedy did one better than the titular Harvey Dent quote; she didn't stay to be a villain, but a joke and took the, for the longest time, most valuable franchise down with her

  21. Rian Johnson probably said it best when he told us "Let the past die".

    Well don't worry, buddy! In the weeks/months/years to come, we will.

    The Disney Star Wars trilogy – 2015 – 2019, everybody! It's as good as buried already!

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