Karate White Belt V.S. Black Belt ( Finals Fight )


  1. Captain Jack sparrow says:


  2. Mastergamer24 says:


  3. Dimsum Marasigan says:

    i missed this type of cartoon

  4. Stef_ii says:

    4:50 why tf he looks huge

  5. Tricks 4 You says:

    Said Baki hanma

  6. Kumar Divyam says:

    BAKI 😎

  7. turbo turtleHD says:

    This some 1991 crap

  8. Ions Arts says:


  9. Minh Khuat says:

    2:31 I noticed yamcha

  10. Mhamed Khalaf says:

    Why does the guy with glasses look like that karate master from Baki?

  11. CoZminaut X says:

    So Baki on Netflix is a remake of an older anime

  12. frank natsu dragneel montanõ says:

    its the first baki movie 😉

  13. Nacho cockroach says:

    What's the name of this anime

  14. Umut Kaplan says:


  15. Eliud-Dean Arguello says:

    4:42 So did Baki use King Crimson to finish of the black belt dude? Because holy shit that fight was awesome!!!

  16. Light Yagami says:

    Is this really Baki

  17. João Henrique says:

    What is the name ?

  18. Tyron Toliver says:

    I can understand where dbz came from now

  19. frank natsu dragneel montanõ says:

    baki's grand father

  20. agustin frutos says:


  21. António Paixão says:

    They should create a version of Samart in Baki.
    Since Ali got such a development, the Ali 3000.2 of muay thai should get an even.better one, specially since he even become a boxing world champion in the meantime he didn't find other adversaries in muay thai LMAO

  22. / b / says:

    Aint no finales fight this shit is the beginning of the ova special of baki

  23. Jourdyn Roberts-James says:

    What anime dis

  24. Tiger Kickboxer C4 TV says:

    Is so good

  25. Gaia_the_dragon_killer 8610 says:

    What anime!?

  26. Orlly Rommel says:

    I leve baki animes

  27. Blue Sky says:

    pleaaaase what is the name of the anime ???!!!!

  28. hamdan falah says:

    The guy in the black belt looks like the martial artists in one punch man

  29. பெண் உலக மூலம் says:

    Suedo l3jel

  30. lemon2 phuc says:

    Link pls

  31. Reilly Dunn says:

    This is the weirdest anime on the planet

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