Kalanchoe potted plants are among the very beautiful, and easy to care for, indoor flowering crops. This makes them a fantastic present for any occasion, including birthdays and Mother’s day.

Regardless of the delicate appearing petals, kalanchoe care is straightforward. This really is a low-maintenance plant, but some basic tips will help improve its life and the vibrancy of its pink and crimson petals. If you’ve recently been given a kalanchoe large pot plant or are considering giving one as a present, then you are going to gain from the following kalanchoe plant care advice.


Optimal Conditions for Kalanchoe Care

If you’d like your kalanchoe potted plant to flourish, it needs to be put in sunlight. Over-watering can harm the plant. Let the soil dry between watering. Cooler temperatures are perfect. This will extend the life of the blossoms.

Re-Blooming Your Own Kalanchoe Plant

Your kalanchoe plant could be kept indoors and permitted to bloom season . If you would like to keep your kalanchoe plant for a long time to come, then you’ll have to follow a couple of steps. After the plant has flowered, set the plant in a somewhat bigger pot (you can find it on website: wwwhietagarden.com). Utilize gardening shears or scissors to cut off old flower stems and taller expansion. Keep the plant in a bright location.

After the danger of frost has passed in early Spring, you can move the plant outdoors. Keep at a somewhat shaded spot throughout the Summer. Before the first frost of the Fall, or around three months before bloom, put your kalanchoe plant back in a pot and bring indoors. After you’ve placed the plant back in your home, follow the previously mentioned care tips to keep your kalanchoe in excellent health throughout the Winter.

Added Low-Maintenance Succulent Flowering Plants

The kalanchoe plant isn’t your only alternative if you are in search of flowering plants that need minimal care. The fragrant, classic gardenia plant might also be a great addition to a home or office. Along with gardenias, a very simple mixture of white foliage planted in an embossed container will surely bring a smile to the recipient of your gift.

If you are looking for something functional, consider giving a herb trio in a hand-painted Mother’s Day bud . The gift that keeps on giving, your mom or mother-in-law can only put her fresh herb pot from the kitchen and trim refreshing rosemary, thyme, or sage as necessary.

These are just a couple of gift ideas. As Mother’s Day and other special occasions approach, think about giving beautiful potted plant gifts. From kalanchoe to a herb trio, there are lots of options. Keep these suggestions in mind if you are still in need of the ideal present.