JUMP FORCE – Goku SSB Kaioken vs Vegeta SSB 1vs1 Gameplay (PS4 Pro)


  1. Gonçalo Melim says:

    How this is f**** possible? Realist grafics. WTF? OMG. OMG.

  2. Calvin Boi says:


  3. George Azzi says:

    Yay vegtta won

  4. Raymond Hendricks says:

    Y'all let vegeta win

  5. Mr. CJ says:

    Vegeta is my favorite Dragon Ball Character.

  6. iTzSean says:

    0:54 wacalaaa :v

  7. ceenite says:

    Imagine ssj4-5

  8. não sei mesmo says:

    Very good 😍😍

  9. Roman says:

    they make this game worst..i only like ps2 Dbz buddokai tenkaichi3

  10. Kino says:

    1:40 love the sound when goku hits the ground.

  11. King Hellverse says:

    They sound so gay

  12. Gee Tohi says:

    5:26 vegeta: "f*ckn oath"!!!

  13. valt 4321 says:


  14. Mystic Iber says:

    Xenoverse is shit.
    Comment if you agree.
    Do the same if you don't agree.

  15. Rozthツ says:

    3:31 why u clicked on the vid 😉 yw

  16. Nicolino Di bartolomeo says:

    La pelea más epica

  17. Bimala Gyawali says:

    Don't dare to push read more button or else

    Read more

  18. im really fly says:

    Thank sweet christ dbz kakarot doesn't look like this

  19. R12 says:

    Why arent they fighting in mid air ever

  20. Ryan Roby says:

    The Japanese dubbing is so bad. They’ve got nothing on the English voice actors

  21. Diamond Princesd says:

    Should've put broly in this game 😭

  22. J.K says:

    #vegeta c'est plus fort

  23. Krish Chawla says:

    Love the way the ssj form looks half gold and half glittered

  24. jawad elkhamlichi says:


  25. Mario Urena says:

    Goku stronger

  26. Charles Hurt says:

    Not to be rude but me and my friend are way better. Text me for a match.

  27. pubg moments says:

    It can be happened I unscribe you

  28. System Overload says:

    I am really late but I haven't seen any comments talking about Goku blocking Vegeta's initial punch with his feet

  29. Yeetus Cleatus says:

    Why dose goku have a woman's voice

  30. Diego Holguin acosta says:


  31. xshadow games says:

    U suck

  32. play divirta-se says:

    Oi eu sou brassileiro

  33. H Romeu Pinto says:

    Muito Loko curti demais ver o Goku perder chega de protagonismo

  34. X Sefty says:

    Goku never went ssb kaioken

  35. Raptor Seven says:

    Goku should of won because come on ssjb Kaitlin is more powerful then vegeta ssjb

  36. RS Delicatessen says:

    Goku wuins goooooooood

  37. Shuraigh Alexander says:

    Thought it was stop motion for a sec 😂😂

  38. Super Neon says:

    Que juego es

  39. sadboy tomas says:

    Goku is better then vegeta

  40. tio matheus game says:

    Ps ou adroid

  41. Ab Finesse says:

    Not modded ?

  42. Jesus Garcia says:

    If they can make a dbz game with these graphics and xenoverse mechanics x10 that would be great

  43. Fran4Gamer says:


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