Judge Rules “Presidents Are Not Kings,” Meaning Don McGahn May Be Compelled To Testify

The President was dealt a setback in his effort to stonewall the House impeachment inquiry when a judge ruled that former White House lawyer Don McGahn is not immune from a congressional subpoena. #Colbert #Monologue #Impeachment

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  1. MagicSantos says:

    The "genius" in office is the DUMBEST president ever in HISTORY! 👌😉

  2. Little Trump says:

    In the matter of arguments that accusing a crime of any name, we always need proof. This issue has been clearly written in the legal documents of all countries with a clear and transparent legal background.
    The United States Democratic Party is linked from two things that happened in the past. They then deduced into accusing Mr. Trump when ignoring a very important evidence to connect the two things together. Instead, the US Democratic Party has been trying to convince the US public opinion that Mr. Trump is guilty without this important evidence.
    The big problem is that if you do it, so can I.

    Let's have a look at the way how the U.S Democrats accuse Mr. Trump
    They took two facts:

    1. Mr. Trump has postponed the amount of $ 391 million to aid Ukraine, which was previously approved by the US Congress.

    2. At the same time, Mr. Trump asked the President of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.
    The US Democratic Party used their inference to bring the two events together.

    The argument of the US Democratic Party in this case is that Mr. Trump used the aid to Ukraine as a pressure to force the President of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.
    But we will see that the postponement of aid to Ukraine will have many other causes (more than one). When Trump gives another reasonable cause for the postponement of aid to Ukraine, the
    link between the postponement of aid and the investigation on Joe will be broken.
    This disruption will expose and denounce Democrats slandering the President. They deserve punishment from the law. Because no one is above the law.

    To prove their deduction is true, they need a tape to record Trump's voice, saying something like "no investigation, no aid". But the US Democratic Party was cowardly enough to ignore this important evidence.
    Now likewise I will take three issues that have happened in the past.
    1. Hong Kong people had been protesting for over four months but the Beijing government had left them alone.
    2. The US Democratic Party has held an impeachment on Mr. Trump.
    3. on November 13, 2019 the US Democratic Party began the impeachment session on Mr. Trump. and then on November 17, 2019, the Beijing government began to persecute Hong Kong protesters

    I will link the facts together and through that I follow the same path the US Democratic Party used to accuse Mr. Trump of bribing the President of Ukraine. I accuse the Democratic Party of taking Chinese money to organize an impeachment on Mr. Trump, keeping Mr. Trump busy with the impeachment so he cannot interfere with the Chinese persecution of Hong Kong protesters.
    The US Democratic Party is fully responsible for the bloody situations that Hong Kong protesters suffer. Because this is caused by the dirty, disgusting imposition that the Democratic Party tries to hold an impeachment without the most important evidence.
    All the denials of the US Democratic Party's responsibility for the torture, beatings and arrests of Hong Kong protesters prove that the US Democratic Party is deprived of humanity, conscience, hot-blood

  3. Aaron R says:

    Like the note.

  4. Lugmillord says:

    Fake News! There is no Warfighters on the Gamecube!

  5. Pat Morgan says:

    I dont think anyone in that audience got that Apocalypse Now joke

  6. Umadevi Chennichetty says:


  7. Joe Nietzsche says:

    Trump cannot create a horcrux. You’d need a soul to do that

  8. Chicago Critic Gerald says:

    Trump fights for Warmongers.

  9. texira72 says:

    Hide his soul? Wrong!! Trump has no soul!! Shit isn't supposed to have souls lol

  10. Philosophy Gamers says:

    Leave speedwagon out of this

  11. Chicago Critic Gerald says:

    Here comes the judge bringing down the gavel on those law breaking turkeys!

  12. T33K3SS3LCH3N says:

    There actually was a Medal of Honor: Warfighter… and yeah everyone made fun of that title back then as well.

  13. Master of Mashup says:

    Democrats are fucking this up, not surprisingly. They should use their authority to arrest any person who refuses their subpoenas to Congress. Lock them up until they agree to testify

  14. Hailyn Salcedo says:

    Please for the next peach smashing tRump, make him come out wearing prison clothes pleaseee!

  15. Ry Sun says:

    Trump likes war criminals so much he even pardoned Turkey

  16. Chicago Critic Gerald says:

    Trump tries to be a friend to the Native Americans..m when his administration costantly takes people away from their homes and family's.

  17. Adam J says:

    It saddens me to see how many Republicans and common folk still try and defend this monster. I am worried that nothing is going to happen in the Senate because Moscow Mitch will force Republicans to vote down impeachment.

  18. Gigi Schiller says:

    Yes, Trump has done everything up to now for the future presidents, and not for his own gain

  19. None Ya says:

    Everyday trump is in office he is a huge danger to peace.

  20. sparkyenergia says:

    'I'll pardon you, But you have to do me a favour though.'

  21. gustavo xar says:

    Play that one video when hi hides behind the podium.

  22. Brian Lacy says:

    Trump's polling has RISEN 9 points due to these hearings. Had they been about Trump's emolument violations say his profiteering with Saudi for weapons deal for was t with Yemen, THERE'S a stronger case without the Biden backlash, but that'd stretch relations between corporate managed DNC and their funders. This and more is discussed here >>
    The Management of Savagery: How US wars fueled Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and Trump https://youtu.be/3ActAKgwVMU

  23. Naomi Nekomimi says:

    Isn't trump pardoning someone so they participate in his campaign another instance of using the presidency for personal gain?

  24. Gigi Schiller says:

    Trump has a soul?🤨

  25. Zed Ayy says:

    2:07 missed opportunity to call it the Crisis Of Infinite Lies

  26. simo says:

    I'll pardon you for your war crimes but first I want a favour tho

  27. SW627 says:

    He can't be removed……the Senate won't do it, and the Dems will get exposed if they end up in a Senate trial. Trump for another term !

  28. Frank D97E says:

    "Hor-clucks" … One of the most subtle, mostly missed, puns of all time.

  29. Rose Johnson-Tsosie says:

    "I AM the King!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRrV1ff33iM

    Corruption, Taxation with out Representation and a Rising Dictator. It's time for the Second American Revolution!

  30. Dee Lee says:

    Geez, he just says everything wrong

  31. TellyToby 710 says:

    – – the Title and entire idea of "Don and the Giant Impeach" is extremely Creative !! – – Just Brilliant ! – I so adore you Stephen Colbert ! – – Your wit and sense of Humor Amazes Me! – Thank you for all of your Great Highly entertaining and Perfectly Funny Shows ! – – Cheers ! – –

  32. russell campbell says:

    Can anyone fill me in about when Donnie is going to testify? Wasn't he considering it?

  33. Aurum TheBrave says:

    I swear every time this twit of a president opens his mouth it's a big bruh moment.

  34. Deborah Mahmoudieh says:

    so now Trump's offering quid-pro-quo's to war-criminals too ?

  35. TheRed Hawk says:

    Actually, I know it was probably a joke, but there is a game called "Warfighter"

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