Jong Kook Enjoys Summer (Mom's Diary EP 103) Part 1


  1. Tifa Chan says:

    wat is the name of this song lol i need it!

  2. Lalice Kim says:

    Gosh how can he be so hot and handsome at that age 😂🧡

  3. jochelle anne domdom says:

    my mouth is like a fountain at the moment haha

  4. 123456 says:

    Nice girl body

  5. Exo Tan says:

    OH WOW 😮 and the backgroud music hypes it up too 😂

  6. 정민영 says:

    태닝은 원래 무더위에 하는 거 아닌가 ㅋㅋㅋ

  7. tweet01uk says:

    I don't even know how this series was in my recommended and i have no idea what it's about with the guys and ladies always cooking and eating with audience reactions lol but i'm not mad at it, here i am watching each episode xD

  8. Chef Gangster says:

    The only show that jong kook show his full body

  9. 돈되는영어 says:

    뒤에 계신 삼겹살님이랑 복근이 너무 비교됨

  10. marsharian says:

    3:50 why should 2 comes in one scene 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Seriously? 😁😁😁 He comes forward ahh wrong timing😛😛😛

  11. JuanLove SimplyStyle says:

    Even before Jong Kook has already a body built like that.. Its a WOW🙄🙄🙄🙄❤❤😂

  12. ketut pratiwi says:

    joong kook look so yummy

  13. Ane Hakalo says:

    When they did the slo mo on JK I was straight up “ohhhh THE STRUGLES ARE FOR REALZ”

  14. Dinchen says:

    Them ajumaas bitch about the dudes weight when nearly all of them have extra pounds as well :D:D:D

  15. Mermaid says:

    50 Shades of JK 🔥😄 He looks so good~

  16. Symply Kim Nam says:

    3:34 haha Background music HOTTT

  17. Iyanah Parbhoo says:

    Jong kook is a present from nature🤤🤩

  18. Saiful Nizam says:

    ''The belly looks serious'' 😂😂

  19. liberty Duester says:

    Jong Kook's mum looks so proud when everyone is swooning over her boy

  20. Kpop lover says:

    I love the pizza tube

  21. Noora A says:

    3:37 that OMOOOOO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭

  22. Mint Tim says:

    Oh my 😳😲 he looked so good 😆 3:43 onward


    3:48 I am CRYING😂😂😂😂 they played THE WEEKND – EARN IT

  24. dtec _conan says:

    people said, KJK actually looks fucking good without cloths..from head to…

  25. Haiyen Le says:


  26. Nadia Evans says:

    My life is simple.. I see lee seunggi.. I click…

  27. blubrry says:

    I swear JK is a gang leader…because he could be one

  28. Ya Na says:

    WoOoW 😍

  29. herecliche zur says:

    Did they rent the whole place?

  30. WildestDreams says:

    종국이.. 태닝이 얼마나 나쁜데… 나도 운동 땜에 어쩔수 없이 시꺼멓게 타지만, 억지로는 안태우는데.. 그리고 종국, 물 위에서 더 잘타

  31. caroline kinyua says:

    Those ajumaa they are thirsty 😂 😂 😂

  32. Jenny Dela cruz says:

    50 shades 😂😂

  33. dr_ MJ says:

    3:37 that omo! 🤣🤣 And do they really need to put a 50 shades song at the background? 🤣😂

  34. cidony mil says:

    Sorry to say this but wonder why dont he take care of his friend health, by meanwhile his cares so much about FM fmily health

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