JIRAIYA May Actually STILL BE ALIVE After Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 131

The Boyhood Arc of The Boruto Anime Continues To Impress The Fans After Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 131! Jiraiya Might Definitely Be Onto Sasuke & Boruto Which Could IMPACT The History of the Naruto Franchise As We Know It!



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  1. ForneverWorld says:

    Jiraiya Gotta Know At This Point!!!!

  2. Dark Moon says:

    Jiraiya found out sasukes identity 😨

  3. Joshua Machado says:

    Jiraiya is having them train together to extract more info from Boruto

  4. Rajendra Thompson_Rajh enuh says:

    Bring back itachi now 😁 could be the actual reason why itachi smiled after his death

  5. Kai Amaning says:

    minato created the rasengan i think

  6. RuneKingRob says:

    Jiraiya had a kid long time ago fucking the bitches from the shower place boom kashin koji

  7. Austin Parker says:

    Jiraiya no chump fam. This the same dude that figured Pain out in one fight. He knows something is up but he'll play it off until the end.

  8. Buster D says:

    No because prophecy has been foretold already. Jiraiya has to make the choice to die or to live.
    That alone determines whether or not Naruto takes the path of light or dark

  9. AlmightyKevo says:

    The moment he seen that rasengan and didn’t question boruto about it i knew he already figured it out.

  10. 7hevy butsh says:

    Its not jiraiya. How old would jiraiya be also it would really fuck up the dead nd the character development. Nd last but not least it would be a obito kind of thing. I just can't see that. Kashin is or a student of jiraiya or a family member or suchs but he aint jiraiya no way.

  11. Christian Morales says:

    hm I wondered why kashin koji knew boruto in the manga , and also spoke to him like a friend🤔

  12. Senta Vuth says:

    Kashin Koji is Jiraiya confirmed!!! They changed the timeline and he’s alive it’s all make sense

  13. fredEM120 says:

    How is naruto out of control with just one tail?

  14. Travis Henderson says:

    What happen to Boruto vanishing rasengan is that's not a thing anymore

  15. Solomen Zarzuela says:

    He can’t be back alive because he’s already dead in one realm already it would have to do wit something else son or something remember Naruto the next generation

  16. Br33zy M says:

    Yeah lol.. he was chillin with al dem girls in the hidden ho’s village

  17. Goku Son says:

    I think Jiraiya is putting the little clues that he has together but he will need more to make the right conclusion.

  18. ohms Mudarikiri says:

    Jiraiya also noticed tsunades necklace on boruto

  19. Jonathan Torres says:

    I like this arc but for some reason it feels like it was made for a naruto/boruto video game at times lol

  20. Kiyoshi Montojo says:

    The thing is, what if naruto figure it out in nightmare??

  21. dvijay461 says:

    I wonder is Sasuke is going to meet Itachi!!!


    In the future: Kashin Koji is Jiraiya or related to him.

  23. NM Shan says:

    I think Jirayia will make combination Rasengan with Naruto and Boruto. Like in the Naruto movie The lost tower. Where Minato made a new Rasengan through Naruto and his combination of chakra nature. And in this 131 episode, Jirayia notice that there chakra are same. That is my opinion

  24. ArtOfWaveTv says:

    The turtle was located in the same exact place where Jiraya was “killed” its all stating to make sense

  25. Hari Kiran says:

    So they're going to spit on Naruto's character development. Huh! Don't know how to react to this.
    They better be like jigen is the one who revives jiraya since jigen is so broken I would accept that plotto armour than telling jiraya was hiding rather than helping his student who was fighting the shinobi world war!

  26. Karon Woods says:

    I think so

  27. Denzel Horton says:

    Then that just ruins Jiraiya’s arc and his meaningful death.

  28. Brian Whitt says:

    Jiraiya knows for sure… rasengan was only known to Minato, Jiraiya, and Naruto

  29. Gregory Glass says:

    Wwatch his father go through so much pain

  30. Gregory Glass says:

    I'm wut you on this one

  31. ZomBeez says:

    Jiraiya definitely knows who they are and that they're from the future 😂
    1.) Two people randomly turn up in the Konoha.
    2.) One looks like an Uchiha and wants to protect Naruto.
    3.) The other looks exactly like Naruto, has similar chakra and knows the Rasengan.
    4.) Only Jiraiya and Naruto would know the Rasengan at this point in time.
    5.) Jiraiya now knows that Naruto must be important in the future and managed to save Sasuke and bring him back to the Konoha.

  32. Sergio Reyes says:

    Gotta love the nostalgic naruto music in boruto.

  33. Nathaniel Larson says:

    Why didnt he use the vanishing rasengan then he would have hid it

  34. Nathaniel Larson says:

    4th hokage created it

  35. wurlbfree1981 says:

    Fuck if Jiraya lives. WE WANT NEJI back!!!

  36. Super saiyan Snack says:

    So your telling me jiraiya pulled a tupac nah fam


    Kakashi we woulda figured out from the rip

  38. J.I.K says:

    Boruto will continue too disrespect Naruto until he becomes a teenager

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