Jerry Lorenzo Shows Aleali May Fear of God’s Factory & Talks Nike Collab | Get It Together

On the fourth episode of Get It Together, Aleali May interviews Jerry Lorenzo and tours the Fear of God factory in Los Angeles. They talk about how he got his first account at 424 on Fairfax, the origins of the brand’s name, and the idea behind the Nike Air Fear of God 1s.
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  1. Complex says:

    Watch all the episodes of Get It Together here:

  2. Jowl Jabber says:

    Respect to the work put into quality design. Pricey tho 😭

  3. The Xardas says:

    I have pieces from every designer you can imagine in my closet but still like Fear of God. Yes it is far from perfect. Basically he takes work clothing adds few nice touches and utilize very good quality fabric. Thats it. It is simple, easy recognizable and looks good on me.
    FOG is not overpriced comparing to other similar brands sold in Barneys or Saks. I actually like some of his clothing more then Greg Lauren's or Virgil Abloh's designs. He works in his segment luxury streetwear and does it well. For people with less money FoG makes inexpensive line in collab with PacSun. FoG Essentials. I bought few Tee's and sweatpants some even on sell. $40-50 t-shirt and excellent quality.

  4. Bibi James says:

    Looks like ghost

  5. angelom says:

    this video needed to be longer

  6. Somebody X The Line says:

    I wonder what God would say about t-shirts that are sold for £325 and sweatshirts that are sold for £880.

  7. Kareem Dalil says:

    Fear of god is absolutely fire but so goddamn expensive

  8. ekmb1947 B says:

    jerry probably only one of the only biggest fashion labesl thats actually local!!

  9. art says:

    people really be complaining designer clothes are expensive
    especially on fear of god quality

  10. いたちイチゴ says:

    Hence that price tag!!

  11. AAA Luxury Factory says:

    ♕👍❤ 😊

  12. Dddddddassss says:

    The Mexicans are like wtf
    Noooo mrrrr nooo home

  13. Nick Uaje says:

    Do you think he actually knows how to sew?

  14. Dominique Mayberry says:

    Aleai always been wit the shit! Short Rollie chain with the initial is next level lol

  15. Jordan Byrne says:

    Inspirational asf

  16. D Cash says:

    I went on the website and almost spit out my drink had pair of ugly azz plain pants for 2000 mtf plz clothing line look like da shit at Walmart

  17. Jerry Kanchefu says:

    Love this series as it gives so much insight and knowledge in creators minds, can’t wait till my YouTube is big enough to interview the big names also!

  18. Ayo O says:

    “Shape is the quietest way to be the loudest person” – J. Lorenzo


  19. a Dffrnt World Price says:

    Bitch trump would never🤨

  20. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Dope video

  21. Ben Dober says:

    Fear of God is a stupid name 😡😠

  22. Bob Bobby says:

    I bet they all get free shit & get paid well so stfu bitch ass niggas

  23. beautifulviewsonly says:

    My People work hard, My People are Talented. We have all around life skills. I Wish for all of them to prosper financially.

  24. The Life Of J says:

    All about the quality 🔥

  25. The Life Of J says:

    Hispanics working hard as always

  26. GOS says:

    FOG is the biggest scam in streetwear history

  27. EMC Vlogs says:

    never understood why he wears shirts inside out vs making his own with the fading and stitching as if it was flipped inside out

  28. Alessandro Silva says:


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