The Bahamas are home to the blue holes, an extensive underwater cave system. These natural pools are also known as the home of Lusca, a half-octopus, half-shark hybrid monster. Jeremy goes to this paradise in the Caribbeans to investigate the case and get the answers he is looking for.

It is here in these natural structures that it is said a sea monster called the Lusca lives.

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40 thoughts on “Jeremy May Have Found The Lusca Monster Of The Blue Holes | River Monsters

  1. Umm dont mention all the garbage the shipyards there let into the water before become environmentally friendly. There could be a kraken there and we wouldn't know

  2. Contrary to popular belief MONSTERS are not always found in remote, deep, dark waters.
    the scene: Feb 7th 3yrs ago – Gold Bank beach adjacent to "the bedrooms" – one of the Gold Coast's (Australia) most popular holiday anchorages in the Broadwater. 7am I was sitting on beach enjoying my coffee when something came out of the water about 150mtrs directly in front of me.

    What I saw: a tear drop shape – on it's side – all white, half submerged – no head, tail or fins seen initially but I did see a black fin for about 10-20 seconds soon after. Now size is hard to judge across a distance of water but this was right next to a green floating marker buoy. I presume what I saw was a shark coming out of the water on it's side – white belly facing me.

    The scary part: what I saw was half the height of the buoy & 3 times the length. Now these buoys are about 5ft tall which means the belly only of this fish was about 5ft across & over 15ft long!!! I reckon TOO BIG FOR A BULL SHARK – probably a great white. The water depth about 2-3 mtrs depending on tide.
    Just one week prior was school holidays & these waters would have been crowded with boats & swimmers & children being towed around on flimsy inflatable toys!
    Now I'm retired I visit these waters about once a fortnight but NEVER get in water more than knee deep – constantly looking around – very nervously.
    One can't help but notice Jeremy's enthusiasm to swim with dangerous fish from Pirhana to Arapaima – man you must have the biggest balls on the planet! Looking forward to your next series.

  3. Does anyone know of which show this clip came from, I dont remember seing this footage before. Dark Waters to my knowledge was his most recent work.

  4. Come on man this guy literally films a show about monsters, there’s no way in hell he found something rare the chances are just not scientifically possible, all he catches are just regular fish he’s good at it, but no monsters or super rare shit no reason to lie

  5. The giant pacific octopus can grow to be absolutely massive compared to the relatively small one in this video. I wish they'd have added some sort of diagram to show the scale of it's full growth.

  6. Th.. tha.. that is scary and the octopus is smart as well.
    And it remembers.
    Absolutely beautiful animal
    and don't forget '' there's always a bigger fish ''

  7. There is no doubt about Jeremy's ability to catch monster fish. What sets Mr Wade apart is clearly his ability to capture your attention with the stories that combine fact with fiction. Then bringing rational thinking at the end looking for the truth. I'm a fan for sure.

  8. Pacific Octopus are impressive creatures. The Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, Oregon had a big one in captivity…they put the poor beast in a tiny tank…it didn't like it. Apparently it found a LOT of ways out of that tank…like through the re-circulation system.

    Edit: I'm pretty sure they let it go back to the wild, not positive, but it's gone either way.

  9. Love the sea but the idea of swimming in basic darkness with only a few ft of blurry viability scares the crap outta me. Have a cartoon of 2 bears standing over a tent and 1 says " I love how they come individually wrapped for freshness ", gotta be what the lusca says about a diver. The kid in a bathing suit is probably like a clam on the half shell.

  10. Squid are surface feeders. Their tentacles have barbs and these have been found embedded in the wood of derelict rowboats. Stay out of the rocks and the octopi will leave you alone. Not so squid.

  11. I recently watched a documentary in which scientist were trying to see how smart Octopus's were. So they took 2 of them and put them in a maze (in an aquarium) and at the end was food (I believe it was a live fish). They were both in the same aquarium but separated by an opaque piece of plastic in the middle so they couldn't see each other. One of the octopus stayed still. The other one worked its way thru the maze, turning the wrong way but eventually making it thru. Then the other one started going thru the his maze. It literally made no wrong turns and made it thru the maze without any errors. The scientist believed that the 2 octopuses were communicating somehow. It was mind blowing. I think we are only touching the surface on how smart they are. Maybe smarter than dolphins…going down the rabbit hole…maybe smarter than humans?

  12. It is the ocean and we find undiscovered species all the time. It's also possible that their are massive species in the oceans we have not researched yet.

  13. I was at the movies once when I was a child, and a strange man in a suit lured me into a closet, next thing I knew I was being attacked by a giant Pacific Ocean octopus, I shoulda known better, i mean when have I ever seen a suit with 4 arms and four legs. Anyways i died that day in that closet as for the octopus nobody knows for sure, some say he travels from town to town hiding in broom closets waiting for unsuspecting dumb ass kids

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