With all the motorsports adrenaline in the air its hard to keep track of everything. We were able to capture as much as We could while giving the competitors the platform to let Us know what their day was turning out to be! The event got a Great turn out along with a New Track Record set by the Lueboyz Racing Team. The pilot Kristian Boodoosingh managed to pull it out the hat in Qualifying.

Tallman Greg Cross lived up to his expectations by showing the Young Gunz that his days of Motorcycle action isn’t over by taking the First Race for the Motorcyclists. Kyle Reynolds of the Young Gunz regain took it for the 2nd Race followed by a sneak up Win in the 3rd Race by Robert Mcdonald!

The Final race of the day was about to begin but unfortunately the day had came to an halt due to heavy rainfall! All in all a good meet just the leave the anticipation up for Independence of Speed August 2019

Really Hope you enjoy Todays Episode!

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24 thoughts on “Jamwest Circuit Wheels on Fire May 26th 2019 – SKVNK LIFESTYLE EPISODE 35

  1. Damn, just seeing this video & recognize Horacio brown, that dude is a master tuner. Years ago here in trinidad when I had my evo it was giving so much problems & someone recommended him bcuz he just happen to be in the country & that guy sort the car out so fast after months of bugs.

  2. The camera angle at 40:50 would've probably been better if you mounted the gopro on the cage in front (kinda like where adamlz has his gopro mount in his gt3rs). But otherwise mad video! Keep up the great coverage

  3. VERRRRYYY Nice video and commentary… keep it up and looking forward to more… Tell Horacio to run the front wheel louvers and test for better downforce

  4. Kyle Gregg has piston rings problems. He needs a rebuild. As of now he can use heavier oil to make up for the increase in clearance of the bores. Good luck Kyle!

  5. skunk nation yow first I think 876 was taken over but general I like you do the thing I enjoy it so much I watch it in my car in a parking lot and it was very nice do more like this my boss looking forward to see more

  6. hey kyle pressure kristian in the first race still enuh man! but kristian hold him own and mek sure kyle nuh get in front bcuz him knw him cya go hold him back. but unfortunately, kyle got in front at the first corner in the second race, then the rest is history lol

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