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James May continues his quest to show just what is possible with old-fashioned toys by using them on a scale never seen before.

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  1. Catweasle says:

    Great footage. If only it was in order.

  2. Piers Morgan says:

    Was he mental 😂

  3. Strothy2 says:

    I'm still sitting here waiting for Clarkson to do something to him … 😀 I'm miss top gear times, the world seemed so much more sane back then…

  4. steve shoemaker says:

    …—… NUT'S

  5. Ace Hardy says:


  6. Butimar Seabird says:

    That lesbian is Real for sure ….. sad world

  7. ccmyart says:

    This is James May trying to be Jeremy Clarkson.

  8. aaron foley says:

    they is no god well look

  9. used condom says:

    a month? party in paris

  10. used condom says:

    no eating until 6 spitfires at least

  11. Roadkill TV says:

    Stop it. Just put up whole episodes

  12. Marcel Zager says:

    the clip of James showing his garden design to the experts is included 3 times…. why

  13. Ryan Marshall says:

    This time I included much more detail

  14. Bessie Belle says:

    Thanks Spark, I've been missing regular Saturday James May content here!

  15. wise crackers says:


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