James May continues his quest to show what is possible with old-fashioned toys by using them on a scale never seen before.

In one of his biggest challenges yet, James attempts to build a full-size house out of Lego.

With thousands of people and over three million Lego bricks, James attempts to do what no-one has ever managed, to build a two-storey house using this colourful toy.

Such an ambitious undertaking is not without its problems and James soon has issues with planning regulations, an interior designer who can’t get her Lego furniture to stay in one piece and a structural engineer who tries desperately to stop everything from coming crashing down.

James May is out to prove why traditional, old fashioned toys are still relevant today when he pushes them to the limit in spectacular, supersize challenges

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11 thoughts on “James May Toy Stories: Building a House out of Lego (Engineering) | Science Documentary | Science

  1. Thanks for this upload 🙂
    Remember I saw this on Discovery (I think) some years ago. As born in Denmark in the 1960ties with a load of siblings we NEVER had enough Lego 🙂 And we had a shitload 😂🇩🇰

  2. Consider the possibility that many hundreds of years form now, perhaps thousands, archeologists will look at that pink brick, study it and try to reason its purpose.

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