James May opens some weird fan mail | Mail Time Ep.2

James asked and you guys delivered, Mail Time is go! After our first episode, you guys have been sending in packages for May to open and inspect, before offering them up to send to whoever wants them! In this edition of Mail Time, James opens some packages to reveal a lovely glass vial, a food package from France and a rather dodgy rabbit. If you fancy one of the trinkets sent in to James, comment below or on his DriveTribe article with why you should have it!

Here’s James May’s post:

And if you’d like to send something in for May to open on the next episode, the address is in the video.

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  1. Thiago Acordi says:

    I'd like to have the rabbit cause… it's a XXX size dick rabbit with a "I love porn" shirt….what else would I want?

  2. Basileos says:

    I would like the Fiat 500 piggybank because it’s my mom’s dream car and I think this would be the best present for her.

  3. Camden legacy says:

    I think the duck is beautiful and I want it

  4. Nicolas Dagher says:


  5. Lewdcina says:

    My parents told me I can't buy any more pottery ducks, but if I win this, I won't be buying it
    Hence why I need the duck

  6. SH says:

    Hit me up if you give away the piston with connecting rod on your desk.
    I'd think I'd be a great addition to my desk at the engineering studio.

  7. Suckle On Me says:

    My classic mini deserves a bonnet ornament. I think it should be the duck!

  8. Tiny Tim says:

    Hi James,
    I would like the Fiat 500 moneybox as I need to save up for a cheap motorcycle.

  9. A Soler says:

    Pwease pwease james can i have the duck….i put my cheese in the fwidge but i dont have anywhere to put my quackers….cheers mr may xxx

  10. JCW says:

    I would very much enjoy that £1 as it would equate to about $63,000 AUD as our currency is currently in the lavatory. The fiat would be a bonus prize I guess.

  11. CharlieTheNob says:

    I would like the unattractive pottery duck as I do not have intercourse often so I have a large build up of condoms which I would like to store inside of the duck

  12. Connor Hunt says:

    I would enjoy the unattractive pottery duck so I may store my smaller pottery ducks inside of it

  13. Thestonerolos Ink says:

    I want none of this

  14. Callum Byrne says:

    I would like the pink rabbit please so I can just look at it every morning and say Oh cock

  15. iKyroja says:

    i want the rabbit, the reason why is simple. I love porn.

  16. emerillon says:

    I'm on the loo letting a turd go while watching, and there's no paper…
    Captain Slow to the rescue please !?

  17. CampX4 & Outdoor says:

    Thanks James, but I don't want any of the stuff, but I will say again, Drivetribe is so much better then the "formal programs" you worked in. I absolutely love this way of presenting, and I think, out of the 3 X-top gear presenters you have adapted the best to Youtube.

  18. Archie Fellows says:

    I would like the Fiat 500 coin bank because I have hardly any money at all so my small amount of money will perfectly fit in the tiny car

  19. Chelsea Rubin says:

    James I would love the duck because I have some wooden collectables ducks and feed living ducks bread all the time. Ducks love bread and I love ducks! I will take good care of it!

  20. Eric Mccune says:

    I’d like that ugly duckling so I can take it out to the range and put it out of its misery

  21. nahidrahman says:

    3:55 does that 🐰 have a dick? 🤣

  22. Butters says:

    Dear Richard May Id like to have the Fiat, I need a new ride to impress my nonexistent girlfriend

  23. Nicolas Audouard says:

    I would like the duck. The reason for this is quite simple, after what the sender said about the Alpine 110, I would be delighted to get it so I can smash it.

  24. Jon Jon says:

    I would love the fiat 500 money bank as I'm saving up for my own fiat 500 arbath

  25. Atish Sisodia says:

    I would like the Fiat bank so that I can make use of the rubber stopper.

  26. Joel Brennan says:

    I'd love the FIAT 500 coin bank because it's the perfect size for my current salary as a college student

  27. Rasmus Ek says:

    Dear Mr. May
    I would the like the fiat 500 coinbank.
    I am a (somewhat) poor student and need somewhere to store my very small amount of coins.

  28. Griffles says:

    I'd love that James May toilet roll so I can wipe my arse and turn it into CRAPtain slow

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