May has kicked off his own little video series, which you guys can contribute to! He’s made this pilot for James’s Mail Time, a show that will see him go through the many gifts that get sent to him via the DriveTribe office. Today – cars and planes!

Don’t forget to leave you comments below so James can pick who gets what.

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31 thoughts on “James May is doing mail time

  1. Item 6

    Because… who doesn’t want to build a V8. If I successfully build it might spur me on for a career change in mechanics which would be welcomed as I utterly despise my job.

  2. Item 6.

    My 2 sons are car fanatics and I would love to help them learn and understand the inner workings of a engine by putting it together and to bond with them more. Thanks!

  3. I want item 6. I recently started playing a car mechanic simulator called Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 so I could understand my car better. That actually helped me build up the courage to work on my actual car — a 2018 Focus ST — and I did my first tire rotation by myself. My dad wasn't happy about that but the car started feeling more special to me and I understand just a bit more. If I don't get the kit, I don't care. I'll go out and buy one for myself. And thanks for putting this into my perspective, I had no idea these even existed.

  4. Item 3: My daughter does not wake up to her current alarm clock. I imagine that a Russian alarm clock will get her out of bed in the morning and prepare her for the day to come, comrade.

  5. Item 3: What's more Russian than an alarm clock? "You get up now."
    I'm a student struggling with staying motivated and I need something to scare me into waking up for class on time

  6. Item 3 – the Russian alarm clock – reason? I have a terrible time waking up in the morning and I need something that is annoying to the point of me just saying "screw it, I'm awake" 🤣

  7. Greeting!
    I am from the good ole USA and currently a student at the P & S Collage at Columbia University.
    The reasons I love to have your Russian alarm clock are the following three:
    1. It will give me some awesome bragging rights since it is from you, one and only James May the Great. We are all huge fans of your fabulous show —- The Grand Tour.
    2. It will also serve a constant reminder to all of us the superiority of our cherished free capitalist system.
    3.It resembles you in terms of personality…, logical, balanced, consistent as well as systematic.
    Blessings always!
    Yours sincerely Alex

  8. Item 3: The alarm clock is the most intriguing piece here to me; I would like to take it a part and put it back together and see if it still works as a clock. If I fail at this task, I will send back a pocket watch from the Chinese cultural revolution.

  9. Item 6:
    I've never learned how the different parts of a car work, from the engine, drivetrain, to the differential, and I feel like it's a great way to start, on top of being a cool activity I could do with my 10year old brother!
    … Also planning on getting a used BMW, so I'm probbaly gonna need the knowledge down the road

  10. Item 4: my dad used to have a Mustang very similar to that one (1967 Fastback, 3spd auto w/ overhead console). We actually found one that was almost identical to his at a classic car show, right down to the same speakers in the rear. The owner was the 2nd owner and my dad's was heavily repaired and sold eventually so it wasn't his. Either way, he loves GT (we watch it often) and and while small, this would be the most amazing Christmas gift for him. Thanks for reading, hope you have a great day!

  11. I’d love item 3. I studied Russian in university, and spent time there. I still study Russian literature, history, culture, and politics in my free time. I also enjoy Russian/Soviet artifacts and curiosities, so your alarm clock would have a treasured place on my night stand. Perfect to rouse me from my slumber for soul crushing labor as a member of the proletariat.

  12. Item 4:
    I'm a huge lego nut (especially cars, i keep a lego corvette on my desk), I love mustangs, and I can make Hammond jokes

  13. Hello James,
    I would very much like Item 3, the Russian Clock. I have a number of Russian friends who would be able to help me translate the clock from Russian to English. Also, I had to listen to your cameraman Tom’s unfortunately heavy and very noticeable breathing in the background whilst watching this video. Perhaps I could trade you the clock for a furry microphone cover for Tom? All the best

  14. Dear James,

    Of all things that you presented in this video, everything is rubbish.. but that Russian clock? That is some fine Soviet engineering you have.. Please James, if you do read this, i would love to have it.


    I am a commie.. 😉

  15. Item 1:
    I have always loved building models, and am a big fan of formula 1, so it would be very cool to own. Also, it was owned by you, James May, so thats pretty sick because I love you knuckleheads

  16. Iten 6: I work at a public school in Brazil, would be amazing building it with the kids and teaching them about engines. And I love the Haynes books.

  17. Item 2: I can name almost any commercial or military plane that was made after the 1950s. My father works for Boeing and I want to learn more about World War II era aircraft. Of course, there is no way for you to truly know if I am telling the truth about my airplane naming skills so, you must take my word for it.

  18. Item 1 – Would be an interesting curio as you mentioned.
    Item 2 – I used to have those growing up and would be neat to have what looks like almost the whole set.
    Item 3 – I recently did a deployment to Latvia and think it would be interesting to have a Russian alarm clock to remind me of the tour.
    Item 4 – I love Legos and would have a great time building it, plus it’s previously owned by James May!
    Item 5 – My wife and I love board games, and think this one would be a neat addition to our collection.
    Item 6 – I am a big car enthusiast and would love to have this! Plus my wife is a high school teacher who occasionally has to supply for auto shop, and it would help her and her students have a visual understanding of how they work.

    Really any, or none. I love them all and would give them a great home.

  19. Item 1
    I'm a 44 year old man who always wanted to have a go at an Airfix kit when I was a young lad. My family were too poor to afford such luxuries so it's something I never got to do. After seeing the little kit, the feeling of eternal shame I felt as a youth rushed back. I would like the chance to finally build and paint a kit and feel this is the only chance I will ever get …… unless I nip out to the shop and buy an Airfix kit of course.

  20. Item 3: I am currently at university and struggling to wake up and a lovely sounding alarm clock would make sure I wouldn’t miss another lecture 🙂

  21. Item 3: I understand James that you are a sentimentalist. From you first film in top gear explaining your reasoning behind owning a classic Rolls-Royce. Which in looking back I’m sure you would agree that it wasn’t all the best idea, but it was BRILLIANT Looking with the wood furniture and the analog clock in the dash. Anyways my reasoning behind wanting your alarm clock is because it looks fantastic and my girlfriend and I came to meet each other from top gear. She would absolutely love to have this piece of Soviet “craftsmanship” plus it would give me a lot of browning points for here. Christmas is coming up and I couldn’t think of a better thing for her to have.

    Thank you James,

    Adam Griffin

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