James May finds the ultimate cheese sandwich

What is the best cheese sandwich you’ve ever had? James May sets out to find the answer to which is better – Red Leicester or Cheddar. Welcome to the 1970s…

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  1. leonidlg Leonid says:

    russian army food 🙂

  2. N Henderson says:

    I greatly appreciated the lack of audio during Tom’s chewing.

  3. IamFaruk says:

    ,That’s Lucy‘ — James May 2019

  4. sirphartikus says:

    A lot of cheddar in America looks kinda more orange like the Red Leicester (I hope I spelled that right)

  5. Trev2600 says:

    I wish James was my dad

  6. Dwayne Wladyka says:

    Real Parmesan is without compare. That stuff out of a can is horrid.

  7. I Cato Sicarius says:

    I always thought you had the largest selection of cheese in the world. Not only two or three.
    I mean my only source material is the Monty Python Cheese shop which I believe is a British documentary.

  8. TheThaxs says:

    James watching paint dry would still get over 100k views.

  9. Ja Kooistra says:

    As a dutch person: Gouda.

  10. Adam Nelvin says:

    my friendship with bean is end, now cheese is my best friend

  11. Discgolf&Pool says:

    James May is best thing what ever happened to youtube

  12. David Oakes says:

    I was born in 74 and literally never saw a grater like that. My Mum always used (and still owns) a 4 sided, open ended grater that you stand up on a plate or chopping board, these were eventually replaced by those Ikea graters which are like oval plastic bowls with two interchangeable grater lids. Mum still has her original, its probably nearly 50 years old as its their golden wedding anniversary next year and it was probably a classic 70's wedding present.

  13. Monty Python the Flying Circus says:

    Ah but James is it Mild, Medium or Mature cheddar cheese?

  14. Rob Smith says:

    My mother had an Ami 8. You couldn't get 3 kids and a dog in a 2CV.

  15. Peter Werker says:

    And thats just cheese wits a little bit of bread, thats why we are here the most slim people and dont alway's need fat 😉

  16. Peter Werker says:

    i'm from holland, thats not brown bread lol XD. I get it from the bakery here local and thats baked fresh each night 😉 Thats also not good cheese ? Here we have a hundred fresh cheeses and all are quallity products. You over there never had nice bread and good cheese ?

  17. Sangar Rezgar says:

    If james may count from 1 to 100 I still watch him 🤗

  18. Zurkster says:

    Would you like some cheese with your Branston pickle sandwich?

  19. Mark Fasey says:

    Defiantly need to bitter both bits of bread James

  20. Geek On Wheels says:

    What about Cheshire Cheese?

  21. Johannes Dolch says:

    How on earth is any of that crap "The ultimate cheese sandwich"? For starters it's not even toasted or grilled. And then would you please take this glass full of Branston and throw it out the window, thank you. There is a reason why nobody ever had any good word for british cuisine, and no, Jamie Oliver doesn't count. He may be british but his cuisine is not. Then, of course, if the goal of this is to remind people of the 1970s, Disgust is probably the correct emotion to evoke. Well done.

  22. DM 2MW says:

    Request – Please do some car reviews of budget-to-mid price vehicles ( ICE, Hybrid, EV and maybe with Hydrogen power ).

  23. Johannes Dolch says:

    I predict: Somebody will download this video and use High Tech Trickery to slow down the 4:24 Butter montage enough so we can hear what James said. Just kidding, it's just garbage.

  24. jtomos says:

    James rocks this stubby circle beard. With this sweater and chaotic hair he's really a handsome chap.

  25. Aad Handgranaat says:

    The mattress does help removing most of the echo that was observable in past episodes, but it does not “create” a nice acoustic

  26. Il Zaratino says:

    Why the fuck am I watching this??

  27. Jesse says:

    Cor that was some bloody good intermission text.

  28. Pete McFadyen says:

    Sorry to hear about James' temporomandibular joint.

  29. tone167 says:

    Grated cheese on a sandwich? Sounds like a lot of effort for minimal gain over slicing the cheese.

  30. monkey4soul says:

    Only James May can draw out making a plain cheese sandwich into 15 minutes

  31. SlickStretch says:

    OMG I thought he was going to be going to restaurants.
    This is so much better!

  32. Anthony Slinn says:

    Sooo Lucy was there for what? … just to wash the cheese grater….. that too is very 1970s 😂

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