James May explains the time he nearly killed Jeremy Clarkson

With the Grand Tour trio having been on camera together for over 16 years now, you can forgive them for getting annoyed at each other every once in a while. James May tells us the story of a night in Argentina that put his friendship with Jeremy Clarkson to the test. One piece of advice for everyone out there – don’t let the fire go out.

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  1. FriedOutMukke says:

    Well civilation goes out everytime my friends and me go camping and someone rips off one hell of a nasty fart that would stick to the tents inside all night…

  2. Bartek Styba says:

    It's beacause of Jeremy's phobia – manual labour

  3. Mlg Sheep says:

    Its not worse than killing hitler

  4. James K. says:

    How about the 43 other times?

  5. SuperSix Delta says:

    I could listen to him for hours.

  6. SkillBoughtThis says:

    lmao came here thinking he nearly hit him with a car or something, nope. Dude literally was gonna decapitate Jeremy Clarkson for letting a fire go out. Nice.

  7. Mr Slideways says:

    Tonight! Jeremy puts out a fire james has gone psycho and hammonds is still short.

  8. Mike Ross says:

    Admittedly I thought he was gonna mention the machete

  9. Tapas Mandal says:

    Which wine is this?

  10. Kim Jong Un says:

    This dude looks a lot like James May

  11. william11171 says:

    Some lord of the flies shit

  12. VideosAbout Channel says:

    What's the name of the jazz song! (Beginning of the clip)

  13. Nathaniel powers says:


  14. Barkat90 says:

    I'm sure so have a lot of people haha

  15. Danny Gamer says:

    What about Bolivia on your favourite road

  16. Jonathan Sanchez says:

    Jeremy doesn't notice. He's built like a seal.

  17. Joe Raven says:

    Welcome to retirement, Capt xD

  18. Nick Segers says:

    Sounds like the bar could use some cleaning!
    At 2:25 you can hear the wine glass being released from the sticky surface.

  19. G13 Ghost says:

    oink oink ..https://youtu.be/F_l68Fzu6RY

  20. Roger Hudson says:

    Better luck next time James !

  21. Mr Ass says:

    James looks good with blonde hair

  22. IIIRotor says:

    Hell is made of that which civilized us…. let that sink in for a minute there…. LOL

  23. mr mustache says:

    I thought it was on death road in Bolivia

  24. Geo says:

    Can't count on Brits to get anything done these days.

  25. JWB says:

    What song pls

  26. Benthum Jacob says:

    Yooooo Mr May do u stil smoke weed, n watz ya fav flavors big up bro it wud lettt if I was 2 blaze with u 1 day n learn bit of James May knowledge n get high 👊🏿😈

  27. John Galarpe says:

    Hes getting older together with Jeremy Clarkson by the time they make more films and show.

  28. Bilal Mukri says:

    are u saying he only tried to kill jeremy 1 time?

  29. Alpie Internet says:

    That's just such a Jeremy thing to do

  30. jeremy vllz says:

    hey jeremy, it's james

  31. Muhe Vend says:

    Well….you already knew it was going to happen 🙂 you just needed to prove it.

  32. Benny Kwok says:

    When I think of the time when James nearly killed Jeremy, machete always pops up in my mind.

  33. Richard LeFevre says:

    "Wot? I couldn't be bothuhd, James. You know I'm the least practical man in the world, I…AHHHH."

    Jeremy Clarkson 1960-2013:
    Killed by a Spaniel with a shovel, may he rest in peace.

  34. Rover Ron says:

    No surprise. Clarkson is allergic to physical labor.

  35. Jon Though says:

    He made a murder story so soothing 😂

  36. Stephen Youngblood says:


  37. FatRagingPig says:

    Why didn't u do us all a favour and finish him off?

  38. PN H says:

    "He let civilization go out"… Got to love that line.

  39. cat says:

    i wake up with my dick inside an ice cube


  40. bleach drinker says:

    C L A R K S O N!!!!!

  41. Drskaro 19 says:

    Richard Hammond can fix a car but can’t light a fire

  42. Rover Waters says:

    grand tour was a failure

  43. Walsh says:

    This guy is pure gold. Made me laugh hard so many times in life.. Wish there were more people like him..

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