With the Grand Tour trio having been on camera together for over 16 years now, you can forgive them for getting annoyed at each other every once in a while. James May tells us the story of a night in Argentina that put his friendship with Jeremy Clarkson to the test. One piece of advice for everyone out there – don’t let the fire go out.

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43 thoughts on “James May explains the time he nearly killed Jeremy Clarkson

  1. Well civilation goes out everytime my friends and me go camping and someone rips off one hell of a nasty fart that would stick to the tents inside all night…

  2. lmao came here thinking he nearly hit him with a car or something, nope. Dude literally was gonna decapitate Jeremy Clarkson for letting a fire go out. Nice.

  3. Sounds like the bar could use some cleaning!
    At 2:25 you can hear the wine glass being released from the sticky surface.

  4. Yooooo Mr May do u stil smoke weed, n watz ya fav flavors big up bro it wud lettt if I was 2 blaze with u 1 day n learn bit of James May knowledge n get high 👊🏿😈

  5. "Wot? I couldn't be bothuhd, James. You know I'm the least practical man in the world, I…AHHHH."

    Jeremy Clarkson 1960-2013:
    Killed by a Spaniel with a shovel, may he rest in peace.

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