James May answers some more of the internet’s questions

Tune in for May’s opinions and feelings about a wide range of motoring topics, including modifying (uh oh), automatic wipers and finding good driving roads that are free from cyclists. Want your question to feature in the next James May video? Leave it in the comments below!

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  1. ShartingFish says:

    The last one with the jag question… lmao.. hahaha

  2. The alcani says:

    James u are definitely the best of these 3, not the funniest or fastest but the best.

  3. Josh Martin says:

    I will never forget the moment we were stuck behind cyclists in the school bus when one of the kids shouted "run the pricks over" just reminded me of this phaahah

  4. JustRide TM says:

    Dear James May,
    First im a huge fan of you and I want to ask you about your opinion of a second hand Vauxhall Insignia saloon, I have it as my first car and I personally love it… the exterior, the interior, the engine, but most people say to me ow… no… it's rubbish, it's actually a Fiat and it so unreliable… go get something japanese…

  5. Vulcan Forge says:

    Love it. Do it again x

  6. Bharath Sadashivaiah says:

    Finally someone talking sense on the internet

  7. Frederick Sowell says:

    "Road sectarianism"

  8. Matt smith says:

    Ford design and build cars, and they know what their doing! My ford falcon xr8 says they dont really… 😂

  9. Nelson iCies says:

    Best click bait thumbnail

  10. Pyro R says:

    James May is truly one of the greats, top bloke.

  11. Libin Mathew says:

    That reply to Jack.. Can't get a better advice.

  12. Lukas Juszczak says:

    Live free.
    or die hard.
    With vengence.

  13. Todd Kaiser says:

    Nothing like getting ti the point. Tell it like it is, James

  14. Hamad Nasser Alamri says:

    This guy is really funny 😂😂

  15. Pablo Dalia says:

    I think I can hear James talking at the same voice level endlessly, I’m serious .

  16. WayToNumber0ne says:

    i have automatic windscreen wipers with rain sensor on my Audi A6 4F (2010) and they work imaculent

  17. Manish Gusain says:

    That thumbnail tho 😉

  18. Red Velvié says:

    I didn't know Benjamin Franklin was still alive

  19. its me ready player one says:

    James is a spurg.

  20. Captain says:

    You are appreciated Janes May.

  21. Omar Jumylee says:

    I just discovered this channel! Top gear + Grand tour now this!!!

    I can listen to Dr. Slow rambling about anything for hours!

  22. TehProBot says:

    James May + Internet + Jazz = 👌🏽

  23. Third Planet says:

    VERY good

  24. Dave says:

    Good afternoon James, I find myself in a quandary. I don’t enjoy driving as I’ve been the “designated driver” since getting my license, drive an hour each way to work 5 days a week, and can’t see it as anything more than a chore. I like cars, I like Drivetribe, but I’m at a loss as to how to find joy in driving again. Suggestions?

  25. Matthew Hopkins says:

    Fake news, you can not like both cats and dogs.

  26. Katleho Motake says:

    I like the thumbnail

  27. Drzues says:

    i have 2010 mercedes ML350 and the automatic rain sensor work properly

  28. PM V says:

    Electric cars are sh×t, power still has to be made somewhere and battery production and disposal is horrible and terrible for the environment.

  29. Baron Von Grijffenbourg says:

    That was.. Oddly reasonable. I like it. Like a wise old grandfather setting us all straight. 🙂

  30. Snuse Mcgoose says:

    That was the fastest 7 minutes ever idek why but this video flew by

  31. Vert343 says:

    For the Ecomentalists one, tell them this:
    "Electric cars require more CO2 to be output during production than any petrol car ever will under any driving circumstances throughout its lifespan, therefore making conventional internal combustion engines more environmentally friendly than your electrocrap, and thats before you take into account that they don't catch fire as often when the fuel tank or in your case batteries are punctured."

  32. seyoch says:

    i disagree on the first answer just a little bit. Sure Ford knows what they are doing, but as it is old, the technology in it is old. Modifying it with specialist parts can make it better (yes, value will drop but that doesn't mean it can't be made better). sloppy suspensions from the past can benefit from upgrades. I agree that a lot of people make it worse, but you don't need to be an engineer to be informed well about which parts are designed better than OEM parts for an upgrade.
    There is also a group of people who would like to modify just parts that are visual and don't influence performance. There are also a lot of parts like alloy wheels or better brakes, or alu replacement parts for OEM weak plastic parts, it can improve the ride or reliability of the car. I am sure some parts should be left untouched because they are/form the DNA of the car, which most likely are the reasons you bought the specific model.

  33. Joel Silva says:

    Yes, I wish I could speak like James May.

  34. Amos Ioan Chiriac says:

    You just have to love James. Thanks for the videos

  35. LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC) says:

    Electric car's the best argument is range and the environmental impact because LITHIUM Batteries are an real extreme hazard for the Environment when mined, produced and later one recycled even more because of the waste, because most so far been burned as recycling so there is your best point. ON top look global right now electric still been produced by fossil fuel is a down fall too.

  36. LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC) says:

    In 1958, the Cadillac Motor Car Division of General Motors experimented with a water-sensitive switch that triggered various electric motors to close the convertible top and raise the open windows of a specially-built Eldorado Biarritz model, in case of rain. The first such device appears to have been used for that same purpose in a concept vehicle designated Le Sabre and built around 1950–51.

  37. Babbot Finklestein says:

    Whens ur Gran Tour Specials coming out???

  38. Alex RS rider says:

    Maybe is not the correct place but I try,

    Dear Dr James May, why car are so expensive? I am not talking about Ferrari, Lamborghini etc..but daily driver cars, 60K Euro for a BMW 320D sound a lot and most of the people cannot afford, is the 3 series for rich people? It should be a family 4 doors saloon. with some gizmos . Thank you. Alex

  39. Nexus Hexus says:

    4:40 sounds like a u joint or a torque converter.

  40. oliverpf85 says:

    Dear Mr. May!

    Couple of years ago you three awarded the Bugatti Veyron as the Car of the Decade, because it was a Concorde like moment in the 2000's.

    What would the Car of the Decade be in the 2010's in your opinion?

    Thanks a lot,


  41. Dave Henderson says:

    Most drivers these days can't overtake cyclists

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