James May and Mike race to build Lego 911s – 45 min Q&A

James May is well-known for his love of Lego and everything miniature, so we came up with a challenge to put his skills to the test. We pitted our very own Mike Fernie against him, with the aim being to build a Lego Porsche 911 as quickly as possible. Some interesting questions were asked along the way too, so grab a cup of tea, get comfortable and watch this speed build unfold.

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  1. Mike Fernie says:

    Make sure to watch to the end for the forfeit, and stay tuned for more hobby-style content coming to the channel featuring May and I!

  2. Kurdi Rasan says:

    Continue please

  3. Legoman585 says:

    More Lego build races

  4. G13 Ghost says:

    Awright balloon – one for Jimhttps://youtu.be/BNIpJcOZPlA. I nae bother one for you other 2 – https://youtu.be/PLmg7N6GbFo 🔱🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⚜️

  5. Prince3121 says:

    This is great fun, I think you must build that rocket Mr May! Then launch it! Could never afford Lego, so only played with Lego at friends places.

  6. Slim Steve says:

    Watching this really makes me want to buy the LEGO cars and build them.

  7. SaberJet says:

    video about the Cupboard of Interest when?

  8. littlejohn2010 says:

    Reminds me of spending time with my pop during xmas.

  9. Mad Monk says:

    James is right, you dont need to tell people to subscribe

  10. Mad Monk says:

    Repair the hornby

  11. Uncle Wilbur says:

    No tricking like before with Hammond!? ….Honest competition, honest conversation. Thoughtful as usual from May. Love you May.

  12. Soli2de says:

    i'd gladly watch you all build lego. 😛 i just wish i could be there with you doing it as well!

  13. Leo Konge says:

    Next up James may will race a small child

  14. InsaneKcin says:

    James I would love to see you build the Saturn V. I have built it myself and my time was 4 hours and 22 minutes. I want to see if you can beat my record!

  15. Southern R/C Truck Action says:

    :What's worse then stepping on a peice of lego in the night?
    :James puts his hand up
    :A land mine

  16. Alex says:

    Me: I am a small child and I approve this Lego content.

    Coppa: Ima end this mans whole career

  17. Nelson Hoover says:

    I'm here to say build the rocket. Please and thank you.

  18. Vaughan says:

    I'm 54 and my childhood was Lego and Meccano. I still ace the kiddies when the sets come out for assembly. I still enjoy either one.

  19. Rob Browne says:

    Yes please James. Would love to see you build the Saturn 5. But ONLY if you are drinking

  20. Josh Kirkfield says:

    Uh oh, James May is a boomer

  21. Metal Motto says:

    More Lego!

  22. RedPillArt Bear says:

    More Lego.

  23. rumle says:

    Technic chiron or 911

  24. Vwbolfgti sim racing says:

    James wins….

  25. Vwbolfgti sim racing says:

    7 f'ing adverts……..

  26. Oskar Castrone says:

    And now James, do it all backwards – time for the Reassembler!
    We want it back! #bestboringshitever

  27. Walter Burton says:

    No liquor? No drinks challenge? Booooo!

  28. Pablo Dalia says:

    Wheels first James ! Wheels first !

  29. Stadtionalist says:

    James May Lego Saturn V Livestream YAY

  30. EliteGuard01 says:

    Hey James, when it comes to Lego Stickers use a tweezers to apply them. It is so much easier than it is to use your fingers.

  31. pgg00 says:

    I'm with what May said in the beginning. When I was a kid we got buckets of legos and used our imagination to build what we wanted.

  32. Nimi says:

    The problem is, they bare touch their drinks and one of them seems like plain cola. The lego video with May and Hammond was great because they didn't drink vodka.

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