Is TikTok Spying On You? | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Senators call for a security probe into TikTok and Trevor takes issue with a new version of the “Alphabet Song”.

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  1. Comedy Central UK says:

    What are some things you would rather listen to than the updated alphabet song?

  2. Varun Eachappa says:

    Uber bit was Comedy GOLD!

  3. bilinas mini says:

    😂 and somali people can't differentiate between "B" and "P" in 2019 almost 2020 🤦‍♂️

  4. xiao yan li says:

    Oh my you are the best

  5. Spanks The Evil Clown says:

    microsoft,ibm,apple,google,ebay are just some of the company's that have more data than they need…

  6. Rizqee Nurhani says:

    china : makes anything
    usa : china is spying on us

  7. RekhArt DawN says:

    For real i didn't know what "lmnop" was for a long time. I'd just scribble when that part comes in a test

  8. Drago Milosevic says:

    The fact that duck duck go privacy browser is the ad for this segment gives you a little insight into targeted ads

  9. VR chandran says:

    Data mining friend, data mining

  10. mayan ahmed says:

    they are just looking at anything to blame china on.

  11. Tony Montana says:

    first Huawei, then tiktok, you american are truly paranoids.

  12. Kriss Kross says:

    LMNOP/L, M, N…..O, P. Typical first world problems.

  13. Andreas Hauschild says:

    Is it ok for an American company such as facebook or goolge to hold information from people around the world. TikTok is the same.

  14. Name Notnecessary says:

    I created tik tok account just to see what people post w/out having to follow anyone

  15. Jesse Channing says:

    Spying is bad, unless it's our American spying on you. In that case it's OK.

  16. Keigo Yoshiura says:

    japanese schools use that abc song 😂

  17. d c says:

    The company of Tik Tok is spying??
    So are all the Governments of the world and those who illegally hack computers for spying and identity theft purposes.
    It's all wrong but nothing new.

  18. Salam Ahmed says:

    0:41 – 0:48
    "this a threat to Americans' security. when China has data on 110 million Americans who knows what they do with it"

    What about Facebook hold information of EVERY single American, European, Canadian, Mexican, S. Korean, Japanese, Australian, half Latin AND sells those data to MANY different intelligence agencies ??? is that okay with son of b*** ??????? or is it because they are Chinese ?

  19. otaku-meets-kpop-girl says:

    I’m working in Japan and that abc song is the official textbook version we teach!

  20. EngPMgt says:

    But this is the version that we have learned during kindergarten 2:30 😅

    I didn’t know that there is different version for Americans 😂

  21. Yazzbazz’s 360 says:

    I'm not a teenager and I'm in Titok

  22. M R says:

    Rest assured – we’re all foreign devils in China 😉

  23. MeMeselfAndI says:

    I gotta say I have watch all of the @dailyshow episodes and haven’t missed one. I love Trevor, He make my life a little bit happier ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽

  24. Tanya Purba says:

    It is it know that i have really bad hand writing

  25. Lucky Ducklings says:

    Lol this song is sooo famous in china for teaching kids haha. They first time i heard it I thought the kid was saying the alphabet wrong 😅🙈 just does not sound right hahaha

  26. Azim Nazlen says:

    Here in Malaysia, we actually did learn the alphabet that way. Kids were startled where I drop my sick beats on that LMNOP.

  27. Hanannabid Chaudhary says:

    These idiots are just jealous and scared because china is almost a super power and america is not any more

  28. Dario Castaneda says:

    The infamous LMNOP 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Ravidas PIca says:


  30. Claire Porter says:

    Sksksksks and I oop

  31. Forum Bhatt says:

    Save #LMNOP #HellNo

  32. Peter Hedlöf says:

    Please try to Keep Prince Andrew away from Tic Toc. Let THE Young ones entertain themselfs.

  33. Hamza Ameer says:

    It can't spy because it's Chinese and if it's Google does it to other country it fine. Really Nice!

  34. Sebastian says:

    Non native here, could please someone explain the joke in the alphabet song, original and now?

  35. Brill Smith says:

    lmnop was the most fun part of the alphabet as a kid.

  36. progyan das says:

    That über joke . 😂😂
    And seriously America needs to take it easy on China .
    Someone once said , “ The biggest threat to America is America “

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