Senators call for a security probe into TikTok and Trevor takes issue with a new version of the “Alphabet Song”.

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36 thoughts on “Is TikTok Spying On You? | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

  1. Is it ok for an American company such as facebook or goolge to hold information from people around the world. TikTok is the same.

  2. The company of Tik Tok is spying??
    So are all the Governments of the world and those who illegally hack computers for spying and identity theft purposes.
    It's all wrong but nothing new.

  3. 0:41 – 0:48
    "this a threat to Americans' security. when China has data on 110 million Americans who knows what they do with it"

    What about Facebook hold information of EVERY single American, European, Canadian, Mexican, S. Korean, Japanese, Australian, half Latin AND sells those data to MANY different intelligence agencies ??? is that okay with son of b*** ??????? or is it because they are Chinese ?

  4. But this is the version that we have learned during kindergarten 2:30 😅

    I didn’t know that there is different version for Americans 😂

  5. I gotta say I have watch all of the @dailyshow episodes and haven’t missed one. I love Trevor, He make my life a little bit happier ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽

  6. Lol this song is sooo famous in china for teaching kids haha. They first time i heard it I thought the kid was saying the alphabet wrong 😅🙈 just does not sound right hahaha

  7. Here in Malaysia, we actually did learn the alphabet that way. Kids were startled where I drop my sick beats on that LMNOP.

  8. That über joke . 😂😂
    And seriously America needs to take it easy on China .
    Someone once said , “ The biggest threat to America is America “

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