Is Park Bo Young Really Not Wearing Any Makeup?[Running Man Ep 441]

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  1. Pink fluffy marshmallows says:

    The background music was in strong girl bong soon

  2. Tacya Santos says:

    Oh my she is such a cutie

  3. Rang Rang says:

    She look so tiny but she is 5'2. and I am only 4'10 how tf will I look when I'm beside kwangsoo

  4. Muhammad Sadiq says:

    Idk why Korean people prefer the tall women
    But i think Park Bo Young is the cutest Korean actress , i think the tall women are like mannish , because women should be small and thin not like a basketball players 😂
    Edit : im tall but it’s ok because I’m male

  5. Guacamolexx says:

    The awkward moment wen you thought bo young is so small and then you googled her height and realized shes the same height as you 😦.

  6. kagokadae says:

    They are all giants beside her. She's cute as a button.

  7. Carl Angelo Nievares says:

    Bo young is so small haha

  8. KuPuteh Puteh says:

    Boyoung defenitely my type, eventhou jihyo junior is beauty it still cant melt my heart like boyoung.

  9. Hoàng Lê Minh says:

    Boyoung still beautiful without makeup

  10. Dolkar Lhamo says:

    She still looking beautiful without make up

  11. 8cookie Sparkle says:

    They all look the same lol

  12. Spill The Tae says:

    They all look like a giants for Bo Young for some reason😂

  13. Ay lmao says:

    I love her so so much

  14. A N says:

    She’s definitely wearing cushion foundation though ???

  15. hahahah hahahah says:

    Who is kim jong kook??

  16. Rei-Christian Vera Cruz says:

    Park bo young is the reason why I started to like kdramas. I started to like her from 'Oh My Ghost' and 'Hot Young Bloods'. I really love this actress

  17. ARMYxBLINK says:

    PBY proved that SJH is a good unnie to her💜💜💜

  18. a_shan says:

    I mean she said "hardly" so probably like BB cream or something, but she's still so beautiful

  19. Mina Dia says:

    The height difference between boyoung and kwang soo OH MY GUR 💀

  20. Alexandra Calafate says:

    She's from Abyss, it's a great kdrama!

  21. lneibbles says:

    When bo young came out I just kept awwing at how adorable she is even in just real life

  22. Meldonator says:

    PBY proves everytime she is the cutest little thing of the universe

  23. antonio espino says:

    Man she short hahaha cute

  24. YusLisha Liz says:

    which episode is this?

  25. yuna says:

    she's so pretty grrr

  26. Novi Purnomo says:

    song ji hyo ages fine like a wine 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  27. Francesca Collca says:

    She is so cuteeee

  28. iya_cruz 1977 says:

    She's really cutie even without make up … She has natural beauty😍😍😍

  29. Amin army says:

    Boyoung is so beautiful…💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  30. Rhuby Bacod says:

    Shes preety…. she make interview without make up…whatta real beauty…

  31. bangtan sonyeondan says:

    shes naturally beautiful😍💜

  32. GiaLinh Luu says:

    lol sorry but she looks like Kwang Soo´s daughter xD

  33. fransuke12 says:

    What do you think of Kwang Soo?
    He's a 🦒.

  34. RJ Lewis says:

    I actually didn't even recognize her.

  35. TAEY LOO Orbit forever number 1 says:

    I remember watching Scandal Makers movie she was so young and still is today. Every year she gets more and more beautiful.

  36. Ifellinlovewithhimwhenifirstsawhim. #kimtae says:


  37. QuestSpy Sim12 says:

    when bo young next to kwang soo look like kwang soo is giraffe hahahha

  38. Gunukula Naren says:

    she need a touch on eye brows

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