AMD launches their Radeon RX 5700 and RX 5700XT today with a last-minute price drop, so let’s see how they compete with Nvidia’s new RTX 2060 Super and RTX 2070 Super GPUs.
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Is Nvidia in trouble? Looking at my Navi benchmarks LIVE!
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47 thoughts on “Is Nvidia in trouble? Looking at my Navi benchmarks LIVE!

  1. Sorry for the abrupt ending lol. No idea why the stream crashed but at least we (almost) made it to the finish line but yeah THANK FOR THE FUN STREAM GG

  2. You keep comparing 5700X with 2060 Super…because of price… sure, but look at 2070 Super, 100$ more expensive, but on similar performance as 2070… meaning that it doesn't just kills 2060 with performance while having same price, but it is by 100$ cheaper and performs just as well as 2070 Super… that is the true sweet spot within the video card field at this moment.

    Looks like that 5700x is very well made for 1440p gameplay vs 2070 super, since it always closes gap between the two when it comes to 1440p gaming.

  3. this was absolutely terrbiel. The point of streaming is interaction. This was practically a lazy video, because you didn't interact with the chat real time at all

  4. No the Nvidia features are weak. Raytracing tanks performance and dosent look like much. DLSS dosent work. AMD wins in features and performance. Radeon Image sharpining makes 1440p and 1800p look like native 4k, it works with every dx12/vulkan game. Automatically better than dlss. Radeon anti-lag makes games that run a ~60fps and below have input response like 100fps. These are features you will use everyday. You will never use dlss or RT, youll turn it off to improve performance.

  5. Ray tracing on this kind of cards, especially at 1440p, is kind of irrelevant. Anti-lag and IS have pretty much no impact on performance. So yeah, RT is nice, but the sacrifices, availability and irrelevance at this tier and 1440p resolution makes it quite bad. IF I had time to play a lot and wanted to spend way more than this I would wait for the 2080 super and probably be happy with it. But not at this performance class.

  6. I can't wait for the board partner cards to come out and see what they can do with better cooling. I already have a decent gaming rig, i5-9600k and a 1080ti but after upgrading a bunch of times I have enough parts to build a first gen ryzen build with a 1600x. I have a cpu, mobo, psu, case, ssd/m.2, ram, tons of fans from upgrading so I just need a gpu.

    I gifted what I had as far as parts to my father cause he and my mom loved my Oculus Rift when I showed them so they want to have their own. All the have to pay for is their own VR headset and I'd cover the GPU so I'm hoping this would be a good option for VR gaming with a little bit of future proofing.

  7. I know 5700xt is better than what I need to get which is the 2060s but.. I have an ultrawide 144hz g sync monitor 😭 . Am I a noob? does amd cards work with g sync?

  8. I find it weird that anyone would call ray tracing a feature? Even when they offer it it's very watered down. I don't even know why they offered it other than for the sales for people that get caught up in that crap. If they ever want real ray tracing they might as well build a add on card and a super computer. It's really quite worthless as it sits. I wouldn't give that feature much weight when comparing these new cards to what Nvidia offers. I would take AMD right now anyway because of costs and I just don't like Nvidia's price gouging.


    |__ All on maxed out/Ultra Presets

    3:24 GPU Specs – Specs

    5:07 Hardware Specs – Specs

    7:28 Firestrike Extreme – Score

    8:06 Time spy/Timespy – Score

    8:28 Ashes of Singularity (1080p/HD) – FPS

    9:30 Ashes of Singularity (1440p/QuadHD) – FPS

    9:54 Ashes of Singularity (3840p/4K or UHD) – FPS

    10:08 The Division 2 (1080p/HD) – FPS

    11:04 The Division 2 (1440p/QuadHD) – FPS

    11:54 The Division 2 (3840p/4k or UHD) -FPS

    12:32 DOOM (1440p/QuadHD) – FPS

    13:59 DOOM (3840p/4k or UHD) – FPS

    14:16 Far Cry 5 (1080p/HD) – FPS

    15:02 Far Cry 5 (1440p/QuadHD) – FPS

    15:20 Far Cry 5 (3840p/4k) – FPS

    15:28 GTA V (1080p/HD) – FPS

    16:09 GTA V (1440p/QuadHD) – FPS

    16:21 GTA V (3840p/4k) – FPS

    16:59 Metro Exodus (1080p/HD) – FPS

    17:30 Metro Exodus (1440p/QuadHD) – FPS

    17:49 Metro Exodus (3840p/4k) – FPS

    18:05 Shadow of the Tomb Raider (1080p/HD) – FPS

    19:05 Shadow of the Tomb Raider (1440p/QuadHD) – FPS

    19:19 Shadow of the Tomb Raider (3840p/4k) – FPS

    19:45 Total Frames Rendered (1080p/HD) – Frames Rendered

    21:55 Total Frames Rendered (1440p/QuadHD) – Frames Rendered

    22:00 Total Frames Rendered (3840p/4k) – Frames Rendered

    23:16 Twitter Poll regarding features – People

    My opinion & summary: Well, AMD for FPS but Ray Tracing is so cool

  10. Kyle you glossed over the fact AMD is smacking Nvidia down in Metro Exodus that was an RTX showcase game and one of the still few RTX games and you said it's a Radeon title? Maybe a small correction in your video?

  11. I would be the happiest person in the world if i was given a gaming computer by you even corei3 I would be the first person to have one no one has one here in Zambia

  12. Rx 5700 and 5700xt are not the only Navi cards coming from AMD Rx 5800 and Rx 5800xt as well as Rx 5900 and Rx 5900xt are coming out two and the 5900xt will be $200 cheeper than the rtx 2080 and watch it out preform the 2080 or tie it and still be $200 less than a 2080 I'm not upgrade in yet I have an rx 580 8gb and I'm happy with it I don't play any thing over full HD 1080p is highest I'll go tell more 4k games come out and I upgrade to Ryzen 9 16 core CPU and Rx 5900xt

  13. Oh yes… that new Card that needs a better heat sync. After ALL these years.. still putting out something that IS LOAD. Unless you OC they can kind of keep up with 2060/2070…yet there is something ODD about it.

    WHY he didnt tell people WAIT for 3rd party cards.. since these can get LOUD!

  14. People are crazy when it comes to the features. most of nvidias features are just pointless gimmicks. Same really goes for amd.

  15. As much as I love the 5700 XT, I would have to go with the 2070 Super because of the lower temps, and the CUDA cores for Adobe PP!

  16. Kyle don't forget AMD day 1 release pretty much on beta drivers… I'm sure AMD will pull up its min frames, especially on a new arch

  17. I'll wait for the water cooled version. Navi is too damn hot. Nvidia is a piece of shit company that price gouge whenever they have no competition.

  18. Midrange Navi is almost as fast as the midrange Nvidia card with a die that's half-sized and running translated GCN instructions. With all consoles being RDNA, optimization will be a thing. NVidia has a lot to worry. Meanwhile, the hardware press is still fluffing NVidia praising them for giving us cards that are "only" 25% to 50% more expensive compared to previous generations.

  19. Want more heat? go with AMD cards, Want to run cooler temperatures buy nvidia. It's all preference. Personally being at 1440p 144hz g-sync I am leaning towards super 2070 since the 2080 is only on average 2-5fps higher with an extra $300 which is not worth at all in terms of price per performance.

  20. Clearly, they need to add more X's to the label. The XFX RX 5700 XT X-Rated XXX Edition. Must be 18 to purchase.
    Another day, another bronze medal for AMD. When was the last time they had the fastest anything card? The R9 295X2 with TWO Gpus? And they kept that crown for what…4 months?

  21. Ray tracing is BS. What we need are good games with different animation styles. Would ray tracing make Zelda: Breath of the Wild better? No. Yet it's a better game than any of the ray-traced, loot box garbage out there. And it's stunning. We need creativity, not ray tracing.

  22. There's been many times AMD has competed in the mid range, that's it's bread and butter. I just wish they would compete at the enthusiast level to keep nvidia honest but the Radeon VII and 3800 prices tell me they would only jack up their prices as well. 🙁 Their last second price changes on the 5700s would have made the value here look worse though, as the green cards still have RT and tensor cores.

  23. AMD has def made great advancements esp. in the CPU area. However I still cant get over the fact the AMDs 2 best cards are being compared to nvidias 2 slowest RTX cards…I think I'll hold off for better

  24. Hey guys! I’m a trucking gamer and I want to play while I’m on the road. I have a decent desktop computer but it does need a few upgraded parts including the gpu and I don’t have an ssd. The desktop is also very big and heavy so I was looking into purchasing a gaming laptop. The toss up is cost at this point. I could probably purchase a gaming laptop but it’ll be a little while for me to save up for one. With the desktop I could purchase the parts I need but then I have to lug the thing around every time I get home which is every other day usually. I also have to purchase a power inverter regardless but the laptop would require less power. Any thoughts? Do I just save for the laptop or do I buy a power inverter and start gaming and just upgrade over time. PS If you would like to use my PC for one of those viewer upgrade videos that would be the coolest thing ever! I’m a new viewer but keep up the awesome content! I listen to your videos while I drive a lot. Thanks!

  25. i just bought the 5700XT, cant wait to get it… Its pretty much a 1080ti, in some games its more like 1080 perfromance tho (very very small amount of games that is, but thats cause of lack of optimization), and in other games like Forza horizon 4 its 2 frames under the 2080ti…

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