Is NVIDIA even trying anymore?

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The GTX 1650 is here!!!!! But why…..???
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  1. dpanterdpanter says:

    Jay… the 1650Ti is launching in October. Sorry. ¯_(シ)_/¯

  2. R K says:
    well waiting for jay to loose his shit

  3. Manuel Hernandez says:

    Like the music selection during bench scores

  4. the non racist racist says:

    I'll take it

    Your eyes look weird

  5. Batman 2099 says:

    yeah but im looking for an upgrade from 1050 with the same tdp (75w recommend if you want please) and this one seems the best

  6. christopher ornoski says:

    You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about.

  7. irena stanislovaitiene says:

    nvidia even try amd dont do -bleh time go back to tape pc all these hell bloggers is just brain cancer

  8. Graham D says:

    Well that just saved me £166 (all Tax+VAT included). I'll keep looking.
    I love this Channel and have to say it will always guide me to the right stuff for the job I need it to do and for the price range I'm limited to. Thanks Jay, good job.

  9. Ambrus Sümegi says:

    0:36 Europe is not a country, Jay…

  10. jj981293486 says:

    If you can't find a reason for this card, you are out of your league. Some instances need a card in that performance class without external power connector (=very low power consumption and heat production) and even low profile and passive cooling. If AMD is able to do that then 1650 is a product with no need.

    But as you already know, only Nvidia can do that. Is the price justified. That you can argue but for the ones needing this kind of product the price is quite ok. It is not expensive, it is quite cheap to be honest.

  11. intempify says:

    Size and watts matter. Not just fps/£$€

  12. Fake news, Fake food, Fake world says:

    They wanna sell and trick the little guy's that magically their 2060
    will run RT and keep frames up. They made a killing off of those cards
    with RT. I agree it would have made more since to keep RT for the Titian
    cards , however that card would've cost 5,000 bucks. They made their
    profit by putting RT in each card and selling it like it was going to be a free
    upgrade but really later they stuck the little guy's back down to 1080p gaming.
    Everyone knows that PC world 1440p ultra wide is where it's at. However,
    this leaves a bad taste in my month when I see consoles have 4k and HDR
    and now soon RT for free. I fear mid range PC gamer will start
    crossing over to consoles and this is what AMD is hoping for. You can't
    beat your enemy with hardware then beat them with software and have MS
    and Sony pay for it and your hardware. NVIDIA is going broke trying to be on top. They
    lost in the phone market and tablet , they lost Tesla cars. They don't
    have much but RT and that will soon be something that only the cloud can
    offer with 5G. Then you have Intel coming out with GPU's soon. Dare I say it,
    they might save the PCMR with a new RT High end GPU. I know they've been
    taking folks away from NVIDIA and AMD for awhile now. What's your
    thoughts on this?

  13. Honest Jason says:

    I love your videos jay!@

  14. Claudio Mp says:

    retailers complying here in brazil thats theirs gtx 1650 are stuck on stock, they barely sell

  15. sorrok2 says:

    I just got a new reddevil 580 8gb golden sample for 120$ online. I was going to get a 1070 like my friend has but the lowest I could find a new one is 200$. I'm so happy I chose this card. It crushes his 1070 and I still have money in my pocket

  16. MAkM says:

    Dont care what you say or do, you will always be nvidia biased… As Nvidia are simply more controlling/aggressive.

  17. Ciuwas says:

    I got my RX 570 Red Devil that was used for mining (only used for a week confirmed) for $75 dollars but it has coil whine, any advice on what to do?

  18. Fusion 3D says:

    Pick up an old office PC, complete with it's matching old 1080p 60hz monitor,
    All ur missing is a 1650 and you're running new games at the monitors' max output. Done deal.

  19. S J says:

    It depends how you look at it. RX570 has a TDP rating of 225w while the GTX1650 requires only 60w no psu pcie adapter needed. It doesnt require external power to run it. The outdated RX570 requires 3.75 times more power to be slightly faster. The price comparison is reasonable because you’ll be spending more money using a RX570 over a GTX1650 in the long run.

  20. Cobra Strike Down says:

    Meanwhile, I'm just chillin here with my 1080ti waiting for Nvidia to settle down and figure out this shit show to fix this gen with a future one… or ya know, AMD comes along and offers me something nice with Navi.

  21. Massoud Wazir says:

    Nvidia says that gtx 1650 is 70% faster than gtx 1050 but i think it's 10% faster than gtx 1050

  22. Z Rus says:

    Aah, finally
    Someone speaking the truth

    Stop being Sheep and eating Marketing BS

  23. maleficarus says:

    I know Americans think they are the center of the universe but in different countries the prices are different. In Canada for example the 570 is actually more expensive at $229 vs. $199 for the 1650. The 1650 is actually not a bad card. Gives solid frames in the majority of games and doesn't require a power cord. The card I personally think is over priced is the 1050Ti model….

  24. Kortak says:

    Beginning of commercial 0:10
    End of Commercial About NORDVPN 1:29

    Thats a commercial of 79 seconds…Holy crap. Do they need to be that long. When they are short i watch them..No i just skipped ahead and looked where the end was and continue to watch the video..

    Just feedback

  25. ColtaineCrows says:

    Without having watched the video. No, no they're not.

  26. Fais Faizal says:

    Nvidia, you okay? Actually, nvermind..

  27. jrelwaldo says:

    The GTX 1650 is a big joke from nVidia… Just avoid this GPU.
    GTX 1660 / GTX 1660 Ti are better.

  28. Sean Williams says:

    I needed a GPU for a dedicated driving rig setup. Ended up grabbing a used RX 580 for $149. I specifically wanted an 8GB Sapphire Nitro, so I paid a bit extra for it. Cheaper deals on the bay if you are diligent and not as picky.

  29. Sadman Salman Saad says:

    only 1660 is worth buying at this point🙄

  30. Richard's World Traveler says:

    Best Buy just got some good laptops in. I compared the top ones. For some reason they have an MSI 15.6 with Intel 9750H, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD and 1660TI for $1699. For only $200 more you get an Intel 9750H, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD and RTX 2060. I'm not sure why they are going to market some 1660 TI junk with an Intel 9750H when you can get a much better laptop for $200 more. Someone had just bought out the last one anyways, so I bought an Asus they had.

  31. Malryth says:

    Hey, thanks for the honest revue. Showing my age again…or just the fact I haven't been following tech for almost 10 years. Huh…I didn't even know ATI had been bought…although the Radion vs Nvidia feud has been going on since Nvidia hit the scene. Your videos are really helping me focus on choices for parts I am going to buy for my build. Thanks!

  32. McDonaldsOfficial says:

    all this NordVPN stuff??? how much illegal porn do you dudes watch ? ? ? ?

  33. Vismyname Freemen says:

    To be fair none of us questioned you for doing it for only $20

  34. The_Real_Big_Boss says:

    NVIDIA is getting worse every year

  35. Conzo - Music says:

    Can someone explain to me why you would even buy Nvidia cards for low to mid range gaming when AMD does it way cheaper and better, makes no sense to me.

  36. Shawn Burton says:

    Ok, so even though it may be much older, I think my GTX 1080 is probably faster than the GTX 1660 or 1650.

  37. curtyos says:

    they had a great 10 series then decided to screw it all up

  38. shlok vikro says:

    Well….in INDIA the 1650 is actually cheaper than a rx570 so….there you go

  39. 叶莉雅 says:

    we need 1650

    to lower the price of rx570

  40. D Zee says:

    Went AMD years ago, never looking back. RX 580 Nitro, couldn't be happier

  41. bogotac stankela says:

    if they make a 1650ti, can you just make a 3s video saying "No." whilst holding the card?

  42. Arv Procyon says:

    actually its so satisfying to see when nvidia milking their loyal customer until dry

    becarefull jay, nvidia fanboy will bash you with 1650 eficiency

  43. LuCiel AinChase says:

    GT1630 GTX1650 GTX1650TI GTX1660 GTX1660TI RTX2060 RTX2070 RTX2070TI RTX2080 RTX2080TI TITAN RTX

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