Is Chinese-Owned TikTok a Security Risk?

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Tik Tok is all the rage, but did you know it’s owned by a Chinese company? That’s why it’s currently under investigation as a national security risk. Yeah, life is weird.

Special thanks to guest star Joseph Blanco as the zoomer.

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  1. China Uncensored says:

    Unstoppable dance moves

  2. Fresh00 Socks says:

    Having your wife's boyfriend on to appeal to a younger audience was so cringe Chris. Don't expose him to it again.

  3. Murderous Kitten says:

    tik tok WAS newest coolest app 😀

  4. tatsu masa says:


  5. qrsx66 says:

    Generation Z is a security risk ?

  6. Spörä sparel says:

    Yo bro this shit be lit AF🥵🥵🥵

  7. Kar Huei Low says:

    China's Tik tok security risk, Russia's Face app security threat, lol…

  8. Skadisson Deboye says:

    Those pesky Chinese virgins changing their names! 4:40

  9. Hoxton90 - says:

    Remember when countries that USA is constantly sanctioning, said that they view Pokémon Go app a security risk.. Similar or even more so than tiktok.. Funny really

  10. Gabriel Angcao says:

    Ok Boomer. lol

  11. vincent fong says:

    Most mainlanders aren't criminals . They don't mind sharing their naked pics and porn viewing records with the government.

  12. Juan Manuel Penaloza says:

    Ahah! This is why I don't use Tiktok you normies!

  13. GLaDOnOS says:

    2019: Ok boomer.
    2069: Ok zoomer.

  14. Mycel says:

    4:06 "imagine all the black male opportunities!"


    Naaaah, why would it be a security risk? The CIA wasn't, when run'd by Moscow or Telaviv.

  16. Asianoxic says:

    I think I'm the only gen z who's subscribed

  17. rick morty says:

    War is mother f*king answer

  18. 墙内人 says:

    a news about Tik Tok censoring contents and blocking accounts!

  19. GLaDOnOS says:

    Wait… You are 58? WTF? I thought you were like 30… XD

  20. Mycel says:

    looks like you failed to acquire a young person to appear in your video.

  21. Anni says:

    Tiktok is an evil app, just like China and Chinese.Don’t understand why so many people are addicted to such an evil app from a demon like country.

  22. LANGLEY says:

    Tik tok and china is sh*t
    Facebook values my privacy!

  23. rommelfcc says:

    Yay syphilis to the rescue…

  24. Anni says:

    Thought you would have already been killed by the CCP. I bet they know every details about you. Be careful with your organs though.

  25. Matty McGoo says:

    as if the communist party has not payed off all the vpns to get access to the data they traffic

  26. Change It says:

    China uncensored keep it to yourself, you don't look loved by your government, too. I wonder how much you get paid for your propaganda. Did an Asian girl break your heart or are you just a stupid racist?

  27. Games2connect Games2connect says:

    Can I ask you an off tangent question… have you heard of  Deborah Brautigam? If so, what do you think of her? She seems you be pro-Beijing but academic.

  28. Nya Dai says:

    Though the CEO of TikTok claimed he would refuse Xi if TikTok were asked to provide info, I doubt he can do it since XI will make him an offer he can't refuse.

  29. Leon Yap says:

    U R IN SHIT……

  30. Dam Ha says:

    Look like he just got out of China rehab camp

  31. Denny Brauer says:

    He killed it

  32. Smonds M says:

    So with that app, you grind your date?

  33. Sheeple Slayer says:

    Anyone else catch the word mix up?

  34. Neemi Tiwari says:

    Even i didnt get the appeal😐

  35. Qon Qwo says:

    Christy's you can dance who taught for you Mao chow or Xing chen Peng

  36. chess747 says:

    We need CFIUS, here in Australia, because all our politicians are selling our country out to China, they now own over 58% of Australian prime asserts and infrastructure, and growing. The Chinese are hacking our government and and military, and our government, just turn around and say, oh that just China, and continue to lick China’s arse.

  37. Hans Lee says:

    Sadly,everything related to China is at risk,so know,NOW anti-china has become a real business to make a lot of money,obviously.

  38. Valeera says:

    haha i could watch chris dance allday

  39. Angelo Perfili says:

    What's up with the goofy side kick,Chris? Boooring…..

  40. AVS says:

    A few generations will be messed up in these Social Media and AI/ML experiments…

  41. Mach9 says:

    Cut the beard Agent Smith

  42. Tik rik says:

    OK boomer

  43. P Isac says:

    According to US "patriot" act, everything US owned is a security risk also.

  44. Dk Bros says:

    Tiktok was ban india

  45. Dk Bros says:

    Ok boomer

  46. Jens Erik Bech says:

    Nobody spies on people like the American Government! Chinese make deals and the World buy Chinese. Remember Merkel's smart Phone?;-)

  47. Cody Koh says:

    Im concerned with what Im seeing with that glass tower on the background left of the reporter in my peripheral vision when I look at Chris Chapel.

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