5 thoughts on “iPhone 4s error 29 when restoring in iTunes/Apple iPhone 4S iTunes Error 29 Hardware Fix

  1. Bro did you do restoring on original battery or new battery? I did with my new battery but it stopped showing error 29. Can I restore only with original battery? Please reply. Liked the video 🙂

  2. well heres how I fixed it. No original battery required.
    Download Beehind (google it) and download a signed ipsw to restore. Then choose idevicerestore and restore with the downloaded ipsw. Heres the trick: Look at the logs. When it says anything about updating or connecting to anywhere, or even verifying, automatically turn off wifi, It will proceed without checking, and boom, I got my iphone4s back to 6.1.3. BAM!

  3. Well most of the time people say you need to find original battery for your phone. You plug it before you update in Itunes.
    In my situation it worked not streigh away. I was lucky to have a original battery from another Iphone 4S. But did not work first times I try to restore through ITunes on My Macbook Pro.
    Then they suggest to change cable or try on another computer.
    So I went to my Hackintosh iMac with pluged original battery and IT WORKED OUT streigh away.
    So that means everything matters. Original or another good battery, iTunes version, different computer – better newer I suppose.
    So good luck guys!

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