iOS 13.2 is Out! – What’s New?

iOS 13.2 is out to everyone on iOS 13 supported devices includiong, iPhone, iPad with iPad OS 13.2, HomePod and Apple TV. iOS 13.2 brings features such as deep fusion, new emoji, updates to Siri and more. In this video I show you all the new changes, features, updates and bug fixes in iOS 13.2. If you were wondering if you should install iOS 13, now is the time. #ios13 #iPhone

***Time Codes***
00:00 – Start
00:30 – Updating from iOS 13.2 Betas
00:51 – Build number
01:00 – Modem and carrier updates
01:30 – New features and changes
04:41 – Deep Fusion
09:18 – iPad OS Changes
10:45 – Resolved issues and bugs
13:05 – Battery life
13:57 – Performance
15:13 – Benchmarks
16:25 – Conclusion
16:39 – iOS 13.3 or iOS 13.2.1 release date
17:26 – Outro
17:46 – End

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  1. 1k Subs With Only 1 Video? says:

    *Time Codes**
    00:00 – Start
    00:30 – Updating from iOS 13.2 Betas
    00:51 – Build number
    01:00 – Modem and Carrier updates
    01:30 – New features and changes
    04:41 – Deep Fusion
    09:18 – iPad OS Changes
    10:45 – Resolved issues and bugs
    13:05 – Battery life
    13:57 – Performance
    15:13 – Benchmarks
    16:25 Conclusion
    16:39 – iOS 13.3 or iOS 13.2.1 released date
    17:26 – Outro
    17:46 – End

  2. meme master says:

    i update my iphone6s and its become more lag and crash..i feel like giving up on iphone

  3. Armani Tayveion says:


  4. ironman12328 says:

    What´s New… My IPhone 6s cant do shit anymore… everything is extrem slow, the Batterie Life is on daily base 1 Hour when the screen is on… the Apps arent working Anymore, and after Installing 13.2.2 My phone was going so Hot, that i was put it in the cold weather outside, so it can´t explode… WORST FUCKING UPGRATE EVER OF ALL FUCKING TIME

  5. Sunny Kalsi says:

    Sir from where u get these wallpapers pls help me out…I really likes these wallpapers

  6. Easy dog says:

    fxck it cant rotate my phone . ohh no

  7. CalvinRobloxBoi says:

    🥱 it’s good.

  8. Gee-zuz says:

    I still can’t see my contacts name when getting a call, I just see the number… is anyone else having the same issue?
    It was supposed to fix this bug.

  9. Luke MTECH says:

    Ever since I downloaded this new beta my BT hasn’t been working right, constantly cutting in and out. Major bummer!!!

  10. Ayam Kura-kura says:

    It is improve in my 6s because back then when I update ios 13,I got some bug which is my keyboard is missing and got crashed when I open some apps.Now theres no more bug in my phone after I update ios 13.2.Hope this new ios can help you guys too❤️

  11. Akshay Rana says:

    I have had iOS 13.2 installed for about a week or two and it has been running pretty well on my iPhone 8. The only thing I noticed was sometimes (or rarely), if I type something in search in Settings, Settings would crash; it only happened once. I have not noticed battery drain. The only minor issue is that when I go into Settings to Update my Apple ID settings, I would sign in and it would update. But then after a while, it will ask me to sign in again and again, and again. It is annoying but other than that, I haven't noticed anything major. A lot of people are talking about RAM management issues, I don't really care about that. Haven't really noticed my apps reloading or anything. Another thing that Apple could do better is improve Dark mode a little bit. It is really pitch black. It would be great if it was a little bit of gray/black. But overall, I have a wonderful experience with iOS 13.2.

  12. dima ulmer says:

    Now they all jiggle

  13. Houssam says:

    I’m on ios 12.4 on my iPhone 7 plus , should I update guys ?

  14. Israel Vega says:

    iOS 13.2 Facebook cámara bug

  15. Shadow TheShadowWhoArtz says:


    There is a gig where if you go on messages and click the YouTube icon you’d be able to watch YouTube. Welp, bad news. Once YouTube is closed out and you aren’t able to use it anymore, you can no longer access it on messages either.
    It is the same thing for every other app closed down because of time restrictions.
    So a bit of advice if you’re using this as a one way ticket to watch YouTube all you want, DONT FUCKING UPDATE!!!

  16. Josh F. says:

    Why does driving mode turn on when iPhone is connected to a Bluetooth speaker?

  17. Justin Tenorio says:

    Why does he sound like Alec Baldwin

  18. Jen Wilko says:

    Very much appreciate your reviews on the older phones. I have a 7 Plus. Cheers Jen 🐨

  19. Save Animals says:

    Brother My iPhone 7 plus is getting hot since iOS 13.2 came please bro tell me what happened is my phone

  20. Landon Hughes says:

    anyone else having a "ghost touch" problem before the update? I'm updating now and I hope that fixes it 🙏 When I watch videos on youtube, the app automatically swipes to the next video. The same goes for Google Play music; it skips to the next song without me touching it.

  21. CripplingPain says:

    does the iphone 7 support this update because i cant find it

  22. Itz_Jay and Ash says:

    I’m a bit confused. I did the update, But all my photos have a small white exclamation point at the bottom. Why is it there, and what does it mean?

  23. D-BLOCK Diaz says:

    Thanks for the Video. I like the way you explain things lol and I can tell the difference with deep fusion but it ain't all that.

  24. Mike Moretz says:

    I got an 11. Should I update??

  25. nay says:

    does it tell when u change someone contact name? bc someone said it does on twitter so.

  26. CavemanPhotos says:

    Poor WiFi continues after iOS 13 released, 13.2 didn’t fix for me (on Xr). Thanks for helpful info, as always. Cheers!

  27. tresleche lopez says:

    this update sucks ass my iphone xr is all glitchy and slow and most of my apps dont work great job apple 👍🏻

  28. Dclros369 says:

    I wish they have in iphone 5s- up

  29. ON AIR with DYLAN says:

    Thank you!!!

  30. gianna ruffolo says:

    why didn’t i get any new live wallpaper

  31. FifaBazi Live says:

    RIP steve Jobs. After him what i see in ios is just stupid feutres and so many bugs.

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