13 thoughts on “Introduction to Photoshop CS6 Extended

  1. I have Photoshop CS6 Extended but a original had Photoshop CS6 Original. I personally don't like the new scale to scale monitor and just the feel of the version. Anyway to change it back?

  2. in college, I have a friend who always says the word "magic!" when he sees the lecturer doing something spectacular with a certain software. Then, I would say the word "Science!". haha.

  3. False. As a programmer, I can assure you that magic is a vital step in both the design and debugging steps in any program.

  4. I always found it amusing that I've used Maya for over a decade and can make pretty much anything in there in combination with Zbrush, yet 3d in Photoshop has always felt awkward and painful. Maybe with this release I can at least throw down some easy beveled text or import an obj and do something vaguely useful with a quick lighting setup in CS6. Should fire up the beta and see how it feels.

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