Incredible KOREAN BASEBALL GAME Experience – GO LOTTE GIANTS! | Busan, South Korea

Day 6 in South Korea was turning out to be one action-packed adventure after another! After arriving in Busan early in the morning and going on an epic street food tour in the afternoon, we had the time of our lives at a Korean baseball game! Come along with me and my travel buddy Sam as we cheer on the Lotte Giants!



We started our day at Sajik Baseball Stadium to have a full Korean baseball experience! We bought our tickets in advance, and it’s a good thing we did, because it was sold out by game time! You can go inside, buy a jersey, get some street food or alcohol, and then take your seats. We’d be sitting in General Admissions, where the wildest fans are!

The home team was the Busan Lotte Giants. We headed into the store, where there were lots of jerseys and hats. They were $91 each and I didn’t want to spend that much on a sport I’m not a huge fan of, so I got a hat for $40. I loved the colors and the logo!

After we got our hats, we grabbed some street food: dried squid! They also sell soju and water outside. The squid is cooked over a flame and stuffed into a cup. I took a bite of the squid but it was ridiculously tough and chewy. It was too tough and very rubbery!

Then I went with some Cass beer and went back to the squid. The tentacles were like chewing on a tire.

Then it was time to get to the game. We headed up to the second level and inside, they gave us jerseys for free! We headed up to Gate 57 on the third level. There was an amazing view of the city and we had great seats.

The crowd got super into it during the game! As you watch, you should look for a lady walking by selling beer. It was nice and light and the temperature had cooled down. It was the bottom of the 4th and the home team was killing it! The score was 5-0!

The fans around us were so fun and the atmosphere in the stadium was electric. We had never seen sports fans this passionate anywhere else in the world! 95% of the crowd was for the home team, so they were super loud when the Giants were at bat.

After a while, we went to get some food. I was hungry and thirsty. I needed a good beer! We found some Korean fried chicken, which is super greasy, and some tteok-bokki with fish cakes. It was a street food concession!

We posted up so we had a view of outside and enjoyed our food. The chicken was super spicy and less sweet than the one I’d had earlier. It was rich and juicy! Then I went with the tteok-bokki, which was so freaking delicious! The sauce was sweeter and creamy.

This food was outstanding! It kept amazing me! It was fresh, perfectly cooked, and contained no preservatives whatsoever. The tteok-bokki cost 4,000 won/$3.29 USD and 10,000 won/$8.23 USD for the chicken. So affordable, especially when compared to the prices of stadium food in the States.

After I went back to my seat, my buddy next to me gave me a bottle of soju, which is distilled sweet potato alcohol. It was strong!

By the time we got to the 7th inning, the entire crowd was singing. Then they passed out plastic bags, which everyone blew up and wore on their heads! We got more beer. This is what a baseball game is all about! Suddenly, it was a tie game! The home town gave up their lead!

What an experience this was! The game and food were both epic. We left during the ninth inning, but I highly recommend going to a baseball game in Korea! It’s an experience you will never forget!

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  1. dongy _940 says:

    06:50 Is it 'Rising Sun Flag' ? do you know what this mean?????? Rising Sun Flag = hakenkreuz

  2. DOYLE says:

    It is illegal to bring soju(high alcohol drink).

  3. 1234 3344 says:

    돈은 존나 쳐먹는데 수준은 3류 한국야구

    마인드도 3류

  4. park sangwoo says:

    that tattoo? hate to see it why don't u go to japan

  5. 김진 says:

    ㅅㅂ 전범기 문신했네!! 일본에서 놀지 여긴 왜 왔냐?

  6. 최형식 says:

    어떤 이유에서든 전범기는 용납할수없다

    당신 팔둑 out!!!!!! — — +++

  7. 그대&그리고&나 says:

    먹을줄 모르면 사지를 말았어야지.. 맛있는 오징어 먹는 법을 모르네.. 아쉽다.. 욕하는건 아니지? 뭐라고 씨부린건지?
    외국인 들이 이거보면 역겨운 오징어 라고 생각할꺼 아냐? 마지막에 토할려고 하는 제스쳐 뭐냐? 욕이나 줫나게 해줄려다가 그냥 간다. 뭔가하고 봤더니 이 영사은 내가봐도 역겹다.. 나도 토나올려고 한다.. 춱 까 라 마이싱..

  8. zaewoos0 says:

    불쌍한 놈…. 저 맛있는 오징어 맛을 느끼지 못한다니…. 나 주면, 나는 남에게 빼길까봐 허겁지겁 맛있게 먹을텐데…. 나중에 먹은 떡볶이나 닭강정의 양념에 찍어먹으면 훨씬 더 맛있어지는데….. 아깝게 왜 내버리니? 먹는 법을 몰라서 그런가? 마른 오징어는 옆으로 찢어서 먹어야 하는데, 그냥 덥썩 물어서 먹으려고 하니, 당연히 마른 건어물이라 안 씹혀지지…..

  9. Google User says:


    Go to India tou both and stop eating a rubber.

  10. 중근안 says:

    욱일기 문신 뭐야 백인 똘아이

  11. 오정훈 says:

    영상은 재미있게 보았지만 저분의 손목의 욱일기 문양이 거슬리고 볼때마다 짜증이 나네요
    아마 저 사람은 그 의미를 모르고 했다고 믿고 싶네요

    저 문양을 본 한국사람중 한명이라도 그 의미를 저분에게 알려주었다면 한국여행에서 아마 어떻게라도 부끄러워서 가렸을텐데요

  12. Anelka says:

    팔뚝에 전범기 문신한거 보소!~~~

  13. Mumba Jumba says:

    Lol that dried squid! You gotta tear a thin strip and go easy on it, savoring the flavor bit by bit. Like beef jerky but even slower. You'll rip out your teeth yanking like that, lol!

  14. Kook Alan says:

    I think Korea is better than China or Japan for number of reasons such as food, people, culture, scenery, and safety!!!!!!

  15. MNANDARO says:

    is it Busanese? or Busanite?

  16. Specialized says:

    Yup a dried squid is also tough to korean. So i dont like it

  17. 최병삼 says:


  18. 치메이Chimay says:

    06:54 W​ar Criminal flag.. The flag on your arm is the pattern that Koreans hate the most. Asian version nazi.

  19. Ian Jones says:

    Squid jerky- you guys find everything to eat!

  20. kal ba says:

    영상 잼있게 보고있는데 일본 욱일기 문신이보이네 보기 불편하네;;;

  21. quick things says:

    Friend do.more Indian videos

  22. Pedro faba says:

    Soccer is Korea n1 sport

  23. joshua lee says:

    91 dollars is pretty cheap for a jersey dude.. ive paid 300+ dollars for st louis cardinal jerseys

  24. ATL ien says:

    You have to eat the squid like you would a string cheese.

  25. Ajay Sadawarte says:

    Great episode, both drunk.

  26. Prrithy Kailasaraajan says:

    That was just amazing….😍😍😍

  27. Mithun Ranjankar says:

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  28. Don Jariyasunant says:

    Great video David and I also enjoyed Sam's version as well. How lucky did you two get coming on a jersey giveaway day. I agree that $90+ would have been way too much for a sport that you're normally not a fan of. You should make a trip to Japan again in the summer and catch a Japanese baseball game. I've been to two in Tokyo and one in Osaka and they are just as amazing as what you shot in Korea.

  29. antonio a says:

    This dude has zero manners. Throwing shit around and making the place dirty. Cheap bastard

  30. 吊打绿畜 says:


  31. red dragon says:

    Hey david u travelled everywhere but i don't see video on country Nepal holla at me if u wanna come i will give guide for free of charge love u man seen all ur video

  32. ElBigRican says:

    Bro, you're Venezuelan. Baseball and soccer are in your blood. How are you not into baseball. Do you even soccer?

  33. Ralphie_Boy says:

    Both you guys had me rolling in my seat, wish that I could have joined you, thanks, brother!

  34. Jeff Fiji says:

    Wow this has got me excited because we will be there in a few weeks. Will have to add this onto my 'to do' list. Ps love your vids..

  35. Daniella Maria says:

    hey guys I just uploaded a Americans try Korean snacks video 🙂

  36. Kay Flip says:

    he ended up getting the jersey anyway, lol

  37. Kaushik D04 says:

    David,,you sound drunk. Hahahahaha 🤣🤣 Think you've had a beer too many 😂 Really appreciate for sharing this experience. Keep up the good work. Cheers man 😉✌️

  38. Dahunz Kharsyntiew says:

    Wow amazing atmosphere you look good in that jersey😍

  39. Goonermike67 says:

    That squid looks nasty, how can that be nice, he couldn't even chew it lol

  40. Davidsbeenhere says:

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