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30 thoughts on “In full: Photojournalist May James arrested by Hong Kong police [STP Media]

  1. 那么多警察搞一个不知是真还是假的女记者,花那么多时间。效率太低。违法就抓,否则放人。即使是记者,违法了就抓。废话太多。

  2. Fake journalist. Why not present your ID. Many fake journalists, actually seditionist, rioters. Praise to the police for detecting a fake. Round all these up and throw them to jail.

  3. Fucking thugs, all of them. They don't have any ID, why should we believe they are police? Everyone else needs to have ID, but they don't?

  4. 首先,他们是为西藏人而来的,而我没有大声说出来 — 因为我不是西藏人。

    然后他们为维吾尔族人而来, 而我没有大声说出来 — 因为我不是维吾尔族人。

    然后他们来找香港人,而我没有大声说出来 — 因为我不是香港人。

    然后他们来找我 — 再没有人剩下可以为我说话了。

  5. USA please free HK , Hongkongers want to be free like the Libyan ,the Afghanistan  …etc… USA please please  please help HK..

  6. This is a *DISGRACE*. The woman is a Photojournalist! What crime has she committed? The Police doesn’t want the WORLD seeing them being RATBASTARD PUPPETS! Too Late! Just let her go and let’s move on boys!

  7. Hong Kong Protest 1967
    In recent research, especially the recent British historiography, the causes of the outbreak of violent conflicts are considered differentiated and errors of British colonial power granted. For example, working conditions in Hong Kong-based companies, which were predominantly British-owned, are described as inhumane and discriminatory. Low wages and daily working hours over 12 hours, even on weekends, were the norm; Even child labor was still to be found in British colonial areas at that time. There were no employment rights, let alone employment contract or occupational safety laws.

  8. Appreciate the patience of the HK Police. Despite so much criticism and bystanders yelling profanity, they maintain their cool. Professional and #1 force in the world. You will never see this in the UK or US.. they will shoot and ask questions later. Wish HK people can do more research about the police force in the West.

  9. They are a police state now , look at all their officers body language, all of them had the talk down attitude , finger pointing and baton pointing , you are a public servant, you have some power but not absolute power , the lack of accountability system is causing all of these. Quite obvious some of these officers had anger issues. Foreigners , we better park our money elsewhere.

  10. The female police was hysterical, even with the cameras rolling. Can you imagine how the detainees being treated after they get arrested?

  11. No clue police why stand and talk arrest if there is a crime if no crime just avoid stop making headlines crazy having so many police standing watching get real it's like a Hong Kong drama with media feeding the frenzy

  12. If you do not see this as the beginning of the end for HK, then your blind. They will slowly complete the transfer of the laws to steal all HK liquid assets. Only the US dollars value and demand will hasten the overthrow of HK freedoms. 90 million CCP rulers have decided they want to rule the world.

  13. The women police officer screaming loudly almost like losing control is doing it in mandarin, am right? ID, ID, she sounds so intimidating… How can they talk like that?!

  14. Hong Kong Police fears a press that does their job which is to report on any abuses by either the government or law enforcement. Excellent work HKFP!

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