I Tried TikTok’s BEST Art Hacks & Challenges…*oh boy*

Hi friends! today i’m checking out the world of tiktok art challenges and art hacks.
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  1. Divine Kuu says:

    And of course that is starbucks cup

  2. Sussie Sapphire says:

    hey, we did that "draw the other half" one in my high school art class

  3. WhatsAnAimbot says:


    Rae: And of course if you are old here–

  4. Lukas Rasmussen says:

    i like these art hacks videos they are really good, and i could you these

  5. Kadynce THE ASMR QUEEN says:

    My TikTok name is Bluesealicecream in the pic is has a goat 🐐 with a arm on it

  6. Artur Avella says:

    Next video: I tried drawing digitally with a banana xd

  7. Dwaco Malfoy says:

    Olaf dies in frozen 2 and also came back to life again

  8. Lavina Dudani says:

    I loved it

  9. •Mango Underdog• says:

    Why only 3 dislike

  10. Meg tc says:

    i think for the ink one, he was using fw which is acrylic ink… so hes just mixig a regular acrylic with an acrylic ink which is not ink at all, it's just super super liquid acrylic… i could have missed something there though

  11. Your Majesty says:

    and here i thought paint was already a liquid.

  12. Peaceful Painting says:

    Your dog is wearing nail varnish ahaha

  13. Micky says:

    Rae is so cute and fun in this video!

  14. nimedhel09 says:

    Raaaaeeeee! Is it a Dragon Ball Z shirt I'm seeing at the beginning of the video? I looooove it!

    Anyway, on to the video, lol.

    Every tip was interesting, and oh girl, your Angelina drawing is beautiful.

    Also, who's a good girl? Yes, it's Izzy and Bowie! Such artists <3

  15. Isabella Pacheco says:

    You fat

  16. Jaikumar Jairaj says:

    U r osm!!!!😊😊😊✌✌🔥🥳

  17. User One says:

    That drawing face challenge
    We did it in art class in primary school

  18. Amrutha Venu says:

    Who realised Chloe roses painting in the background

  19. Lama Elgamal says:

    Video idea:digital painting with my dogs paws.

    Like if you wanna see that happen

  20. Lexie sparks says:

    You have a copy of chole rose art in the background

  21. XxLilaxX Cookies says:


  22. Krishna Mohan Srivastava says:

    Now I have became addicted of testing after watching your videos

  23. Isabelle Leong says:

    Hello rae

  24. Shilja Rajeev says:

    I think bowie had a manicure!! Love ittt!!!

  25. paker haque says:

    Love your videos

  26. Sapphire Hearts says:

    oh boy

  27. Shamsun Nahar says:

    Boeyee also got fancy with tiktok!

    See 9:43 boeyee’s nails

  28. zachary allen says:

    I liked the video just because of the intro 😂😂😂

  29. Pug Gamer says:

    10:03 anyone else see Bowie’s nails

  30. CreepyANDSneekyA says:

    we did that half-face drawing technique in my art class at high school! it was very fun and loved that class in general :))

  31. GANGSTER TEAM says:

    Tik Toker

  32. Lisa Goetsch says:

    The half picture drawing was something I did in art class in like 7th grade. Granted I couldn’t/can’t draw so it was no where near as good as Rae’s.

  33. Daniela Contreras says:

    Post more Rae! I watch all of ur vids and like em all!! 💕

  34. DT Hurley says:

    I don't know what the heck is going on! I've clicked the subscribe button for your channel at least 3 other times in the last month. It will last about one day and I end up unsubbed somehow. So annoying. I really like your content so here goes another subscribe attempt lol.

  35. ratnime says:

    when she talked about symmetrical faces did anyone else think of that one scene in the heathers?

  36. Sofea Iman Mohd Sadzwan says:

    Not first 😎 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  37. Mahnoor Anjum says:

    ummm Rae you are putting way too many ads on one video it's getting kinda annoying

  38. lubaba jasmin says:

    In India, tik tok or just a big fat joke.

  39. Izzcakes says:

    I couldn’t stop staring and chewbacca the whole video

  40. MegaCollecters says:

    When she said “why don’t you come out” I felt that. Lmao lol

  41. winniethepoo says:

    I kinda dont wanna see anymore of tik tok

  42. Haniya Zahid says:

    What is gesso and is it available in asia

  43. Reena Evita says:

    Love your videos and absolutely A D O R E Bowie!😻😻😻😻😻

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