Found this little guy on a walk in Florida and he just had a little lean goin’ on. Takin’ a break from all the Woodgrove posting to provide a little happy moment.

p.s. Bufotoxins can be bad for you, so wash your hands if you touch certain amphibians. Also, this guy/gal wasn’t harmed in any way. Just lightly touched on the side of the head (hence the little lean) before scaring it off the path so it wouldn’t get squished by people on bikes. Be an amphibifriend and don’t be a jerk to toads.

Debut EP ‘squintyoureyesandseegod’ available on Spotify at

Audio & Video by Jared Hall Garland

Woodgrove is a heavy indie rock band based out of Virginia in the Washington, DC metro region. Focusing on a blend of introspective songwriting and polarizing sound.

© 2019 Jared Hall Garland

source: https://goindocal.com/

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4 thoughts on “I think this toad may be broken

  1. The toad is attempting to protect itself by moving its soft underbelly further away from your touch. It definitely doesn't want you touching it and its definitely not broken.

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