Alex Payne and Mike Tindall are joined by the former Newcastle, Toulon and England centre Tom May to discuss international disappointment, house hunting with Matt Giteau, Sonny Bill Williams off-loads and the perfect sportsmans breakfast.

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18 thoughts on ““I should have achieved more” – Tom May on England, Matt Giteau & Sonny Bill | House of Rugby S2 E17

  1. I put up the picture of the guy with the tee shirt and he replied.His name is Christopher Jones
    Great to see tom being so open and honest.Think we all have regrets no matter what level of rugby we played at I certainly feel I could have achieved more

  2. I love this show! Keep ‘em coming! Anyone think some of the 2003 lads could guest on here? Greenwood, Moody, maybe Jonny and his brother Mark Wilkinson; they’ve got good banter and it would be great alternative whilst Hask is away.

  3. Alex Payne needs to stop interrupting every time he asks a guest a question. He finishes people’s sentences almost every time. Also acts as if he’s played the game and friends with all these guys that he’s clearly never even met.

  4. Another great one, was very sad to hear about Tom Smith this earlier this week, maybe a little mention for him and family in the next one?

  5. Tindall's head in the thumbnail looks like an actual site of national geological significance. Like a walking British Mount Rushmore crossed with a big lump of quartzite.

  6. This video reminds me of a book I once read about the history of Scotland. Written by a Professor who assumed that the reader had the same level of understanding as the author & therefore no historical background or information was deemed to be required. I didn't understand the who, what or why's of anything these lads were going on about – shame – cos I had enjoyed watching the World Cup.

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