I May Have Found PERFECT Touring Amp Setup

For years I’ve been struggling with my live amp sound, but on my most recent tour I may have found the perfect solution to my tone issues. A hybrid tube amp, and Cabzeus pedal.






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  1. Rhett Shull says:

    Heres the setup I was using live (affiliate links)
    GFI System Cabzeus Stereo

    Tone King Iron Man II Mini Attenuator

  2. BastognePitBull says:

    Very cool. Looks like the National? I lived very close for years. I think it's a great venue but some artists don't like how the bass rumbles in the ceiling. It's like licorice I guess. I've seen a couple of singers just meltdown at the guys on the board. Did Dwight freak out? He really needs to cut that from his act if he's still doing that. His band is mega talented and really puts an odd vibe on the show. Peace.

  3. Preston Rickwood says:

    Nice song and I super dug the drum fills.

  4. The Legend 27 says:

    Which Divided by 13 is that?

  5. riniones says:

    you dial S C I E N T O L O G Y and you get a bunch of Chick Corea licks transcribed for guitar!

  6. Jens Brekke says:

    come to liverpool man

  7. Bertje 1 says:

    I like this book band

  8. Desmond Solomon says:

    Broooooo. That tone on High Enough was delicious enough to eat. Whenever you’re not busy again we need you and RJ to have a Novo Blues jam.

    Your playing is so pure man.

  9. Bryan vd graaf says:

    you guys multi track recording shows? because I would love to mix one of those recordings!

  10. WhyTheHorseface says:

    Thanks so much for your videos. When I was a kid all I wanted was to be a pro, but my band mates told me I didn’t have what it took to make it, so I quit playing. I’ve regretted it everyday of the last 25 years. Never quit kids, and never listen to people who tell you you aren’t good enough. Even if those people are your family or yourself.

  11. Dale Chavez says:

    So two questions:

    1. If you're going from the amp head to the attenuator, then the cab simulator, why do you have the cab on stage?
    2. Do you ever tour west of the Mississippi (i.e., Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California)?

  12. Keith Rowe says:

    Okay Rhett, how do you do that little move at exactly 12:53. I think you start with a bend and then go down. But it has a certain sound to it. Almost like a pinch harmonic, but not really. Two strings and 1 bent maybe? Sorry, Im a bit of a noob. Cheers, Keith

  13. 2Cycle says:

    Great guitar tone.

  14. TVguy9999 says:

    At 11:58, Rhett connects to the tone Gods…

  15. David J Onorato says:

    A very flexible rig AND it travels great…not much else you could ask for Homie!!!

  16. Troy Rambo says:

    That is a killer sound. Always wanted a divided by 13. Amazing cleans, great amps for pedals.

  17. Robert Baker says:

    Dude tone is on point!!!!

  18. Duane Madeira says:

    Love this video!!! Love the behind the scenes stuff🤘🏽🤘🏽. Plus the tone on your guitar and amp setup is amazing

  19. Cam Haines says:

    Wow, great playing and tone. I’ve got such along way to go, thanks for the inspiration Rhett!

  20. Thiago Melo says:

    Hi Rhett… Great tone… How do you record those live videos? Best

  21. wozzlepop says:

    00:13 Standard archaeologist response to unknown find. 🤣👍

  22. Jesse Scheepsma says:

    Rhett, i'll lend you my victory sheriff 44 when you play Simplon in Groningen. I practically live next to the venue.

  23. Jonny Beck says:

    Great video… On the 'acoustic thing' y'all were a little out of tune.
    Seems like you guys have some wonderful energy.
    thanx and… cheers

  24. Keith Owens says:

    Did GPS take you on US 29 to get to Richmond?

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