I FAILED the DOLPHINS in Minecraft Hardcore!


  1. Yara's Gachas says:

    Call them Billy and fredd

  2. RafKoaster says:

    Dan all he did was de spawn

  3. World of LEGO says:

    Your dolphin despawned

  4. Sunandan Biswas says:

    You can't

  5. Sunandan Biswas says:

    You idiot

  6. Eduardo Serrano says:

    Dan if you feed dolphins in the ocean fish they will bring you to sunken treasure

  7. Rainbow_ Donkey says:

    Flip and flop

  8. Habi Boube says:

    You should make your cloud bigger because it would look cooler if the cloud was bigger than your castle, not the same size.

  9. Babita Thapa says:

    dan: I am feeling so good about this
    1 minute later
    dan: this is a mess…..

  10. ZombPlayyz says:

    DanTDM: exists

    Pillagers: This sin cannot be forgiven

    Dolphins: oH No

  11. Babita Thapa says:

    dan make the barrier taller to keep the dolphin in

  12. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    “We have to protecc the dolphins”

    that’s sad

  13. Treasure Plays says:

    Nvm dont blame any of the deaths on you

  14. Maymona Royah says:

    you should call it le phin

  15. Kenneth Gaming says:

    make this river a giant aquarium

    name the sheep who was the last one on the cloud "shy"

  16. mia pierson says:

    Dan: I think the squid killed it
    squid: um I don't think so
    Dan: pulls out sword
    Me: i think the dolphin may have just DEspawned dan

    Dan: sits there in disappointment

    (im not good at making these kinds of jokes ok!)

  17. Jakson says:

    Two things could have happened to the dolphin

    1: It suffocated in the sand bc its dumb


    2: The squids killed it.

  18. Kimberlee Collins says:

    remember Dan that dolphins despawn and for it to not despawn name it Flippy! 🙂

  19. Spencer Julewicz says:

    Dan, the dolphins despawned. Yes they do that. Try using a nametag. Name them Click, Clack, and Whistle.

  20. Rocco Edwards says:

    Do you know a dolphin breves Air

  21. betta films says:

    dan: says mining away
    me: MiNInG aWaY!!

  22. the toy unboxer3000 says:

    Put slabs under the bridge

  23. Seb Hartley says:

    Dan: It looks really good with the carpet

    Me: It looks worse

  24. Allie Bassett says:

    Keep them in the oceans. And not in a tiny pond. -DanTDM 2019.
    Tell that to the zoos Dan!!

  25. Edie Parys says:

    flippy and flopy

  26. Sarah Allen says:

    Use fences not bars

  27. Zippy Sippy says:

    21:33 Cursed Image caught in Minecraft youtuber

  28. Franco SC says:

    Dan: it’s DOLPHIN TIME

    Power Rangers: What a ripoff unsubscribing

  29. Franco SC says:

    Memer Dan: while I was MINEING AWAY

  30. Franco SC says:

    Dan 5 years ago: gotta take good care of baconnator

    Dan present time: You are now my villager and you are stuck here forever 😈😈

  31. Killian Berreth says:

    Dan: removes fences
    Sheep: aight, ima head out.

  32. DogeTV 123 says:

    dan: alright squids let me go get the other one

    squid: what other one

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