My review of goodreads. A Website I legit love, but know can do better.
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  1. Daniel Greene says:

    I want to reiterate, I love GoodReads and want them to do better!

  2. Truth Seekers says:

    I desperately wish one could search for a combination of genres you like and then put it in the order of popularity, ratings and relevance at least.

  3. Moonwired says:

    the major issue I have with goodreads, what really irritates is how incredibly ridiculously slow it is, I can deal with the rest of the bullshit..
    I did not know amazon owned this, so this is truly pathetic, give them a budget amazon and FIX IT.

  4. justine dalipe says:

    LOL I thought something was wrong with my computer until you mentioned loading your profile took 8 seconds. Same lol.

  5. Ben Kylo says:

    Goodreads needs to have a look at Letterboxd in how to design a sleek web interface!!!

  6. Agathokles Martinios says:

    Another thing I'd like to see Goodreads improve on is adding more languages in which you can view Goodreads. Amazon is a multi-billion dollar company, surely they can spend some of that on making Goodreads available in more languages. Like, add Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, a bunch of major and less major languages of the world… Surely that can be managed by a massive company like Amazon?

  7. Skyler W says:

    And I hate how you can’t un friend or unfollow someone on the app, you have to go on the website.

  8. Skyler W says:

    It’s just so bland looking. I mean my god, GIVE US SOME COLORS!

  9. Skyler W says:

    You’re someone with an influence as a YouTuber… see if you can work with Amazon to help fix all this.

  10. Lindsay says:

    Also, not having official book titles so that when you search a book, just one copy of it shows up and not 200 with different title covers

  11. Andrew Gray says:

    Daniel, do one of these critical evaluations for Audible's site. Their .co.uk site is dreadfully slow.

  12. Johanna Scherfler says:

    As a UI designer myself i wholeheartedly agree!

  13. Ioana M. says:

    Ahh I needed this video! I worked in front end dev only during an internship and it was enough to make me very annoyed with goodreads interface haha. I have to admit though, it felt rewarding to find the Stats button on my own! It's like they tried to hide a treasure for the worthy lol

  14. Meg Story says:

    You also can't leave different ratings for different read dates, though I remember when you had to select a different version of a book you've already read to add it again. Letterboxd (social media for films) can do this, so why not Goodreads? I've had an account for like 11 years and they've added exactly one feature.

  15. Magikarp says:

    I only use Goodreads now to try and keep track of books I've read. The website is little good for anything else.

  16. Tyler Beaty says:

    I'm only sending you a friend request on GoodReads just to anger you because you have to wait for it to load.

  17. Adrian Reinstein says:

    There is SOOOO much more I would add to your video about the poor functionality of GR… it has SO MUCH potential, but doesn’t use an ounce of it. Think of allll the things this website could offer… statistics, graphs, recommended friends, etc. ugh! There’s too much to list honestly. Your last thoughts, about another Website smoking them… 100% TRUE!

  18. Sina Kiani says:

    'Tis the reason why I reluctantly use GoodReads. Awful interface but nothing else out there that can compete. Thanks amazon, I have all forms of stress from A to Z.

  19. Tone Sm says:

    Lol, their APIs are not much better…

  20. Daniela Pascari says:

    Don't even get me started on the app … it is the WORST!

  21. Hawaiian_Brit says:

    One time I tried to log out of Goodreads and it told me the page didn't exist

  22. Alexandra Boyte says:

    As a computer engineer who use goodreads I thank you for doing this video. Things with the goodread website have been bugging me for sooooo long!!
    Good video ^^

  23. jadapandy says:

    Gee, why not just leave a book review on Amazon?! And he done with it.

  24. Anna Tattersall says:

    Yay, I am so excited you are readinh Prince of Fools!

  25. Katertot8895 says:

    the app is so annoying too! I have to press a notification like 10 times in multiple locations for it to finally go away. Another book website and app that is super glitchy and annoying is barnes & noble website. Both are suuuuuuuper finicky and it's such a struggle to use.

  26. praetorxyn says:

    You are spot on with the instant. These days everything should be done using a framework like React or Angular with asynchronous calls to a REST API when you need the server to handle something.

    That's what I'd be working on if I had my way but I usually get stuck working with legacy stuff.

  27. praetorxyn says:

    I use Calibre to pull my Metadata from good reads and it irks me when they have multiple values for something like Series and the wrong one gets picked.

  28. CK Helgeson says:

    I totally agree with everything about this! The website is horrible. It needs an upgrade soooooo bad :/ I do love the concept though, just like everyone else.

  29. Sirchud68 says:

    So true

  30. Adya Singh says:

    After all the talk of not wanting to be a full-time YouTuber and wanting to retain the software developer Job…"I'm a fulltime YouTuber".

  31. Cave Canem says:

    Amazon has no reason to spend money developing Goodreads. They bought it thinking they'd make money from it and tried to get authors to advertise there — but authors know that is as effective as burning money in a bonfire. They even tried selling authors really expensive ways to do giveaways, etc. They cannot make money from it — the proof is that there are VOLUNTEERS working there. They ask you if you want to become a "librarian…"
    On top of it the rating system is pathetic (a cat walking across a keyboard can leave a rating there), and they're all mixed with reviews in no discernible order.
    Now they can leave this running, but they won't spend money on it. They're making money hand over fist with advertising on Amazon itself, which ought to be the best place for any author to advertise because people are actively shopping there. And even THAT is full of problems.
    This is like an abandoned orphan.

  32. leadinglady says:

    As someone who can just tell that Goodreads is a bad website but has no way of explaining why since I am not and never will be a software engineer, thank you lol.

  33. White Alliance says:

    I love the moonlight sonata. Spectacular. You have a lovely speaking voice. The dark prophet likes your channel. You are smart. He wants you as well to go to him. You can see all my comments. These comments are digitally blessed if you truly look at them… The algorithm blesses you this night. Click me to find ths dark prophets page.
    His wisdom is undeniable. Bless you. Permit my comments. And when you are ready, let the dark prophets wisdom come to you child. He too admires your blatant intuition with one of his older pet projects. Goodreads time is over.

  34. camperchik163 says:

    I showed this to my husband who is a full stack developer and he looked so sad and confused as to how the website was this bad. 😅

  35. David Hunter says:

    Nice to hear your comments about GoodReads, and I have to totally agree. The loading of your bookshelves takes way too long, and there are a ton of bugs when editing them or updating them (like updating the status of a book, but it not registering unless you leave the page and go back).

    And don't get me started about the App! It is essentially unusable except for updating book progress. Almost every other action eventually causes a fatal crash.

    …On the plus side, they did finally update their database structure to allow keeping track of multiple reads of the same book.

  36. patronusaurus reads says:

    There's no comparable website out there, so Amazon feels no sense of urgency when it comes to fixing these problems. Other social media sites have been trying to top each other for a decade or more, but Goodreads is so niche that Amazon knows its users have nowhere else to go. They won't invest more in it than what they already have unless a competitor rises from the shadows to give GR a run for its money.

  37. Persephone Samuels says:

    External validation for my own thoughts as a web designer, yay

  38. Kdnxn Hdhdbfn says:

    I live in rather rural Germany and the Internet is generally just so slow like thag

  39. Christopher Ross says:

    Awesome. Did not realize you were a software engineer. I’m also a software engineer and I’ve been writing short stories/working on a novel. Reading “Shadows Beneath” at the moment. Excited to see other people sharing both these interests. Anyway though. Ya, good call on some notable concerns. Plus, oh my god you experienced too many issues.

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