Hyperspin Nvidia Shield TV Retro Gaming Emulator

How to install the ultimate retro emulator Hyperspin on your Nvidia shield tv, hyperspin Nvidia shield TV Retro Gaming Emulator is a powerhouse.

Hyperspin is absolutely the best way to play retro gaming Emulator games on your Nvidia shield tv, with retro arch as the backbone you get to play some of the best emulators made for Android tv, our device the Nvidia shield tv is made for hyperspin and retro gaming, download the package from arcadepunk.com remember it’s a very large file, extract it to the root of your Nvidia shield tv or the root of your external drive, if you look at the link there is a txt how to also so if you get stuck you can also reference that.

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  1. fab felix says:

    Hello I watched your video and I just wondering have you got a direct link for hyperspin please because the hyperspin we are using does not work

  2. Damian Fernandez says:

    First of all thank you very much for the amazing work! Now I am having a problem with the raicast emulator does not run from the hyperspin, the screen is black, but if it runs from the raicast, what can it be? I have downloaded the latest update since the one that came in the pack on my nvidia shield did not work.thanks!

  3. medialync says:

    If you're using RetroArch, downloading emulators individually from the Play Store is just pointless.

  4. darkness winZ says:

    I’m not using retroarch the download didn’t evn have the cores folded and it was impossible to find I used rocketlauncher

  5. darkness winZ says:

    I didn’t think u was gona reply lol evn the other Hyperspin channels e dead lol

  6. Seanpears Pears says:

    Hi, how did you get the Dreamcast games to work. Looking on the Bandit Clutter youtube page, lots of people cant play the roms, it launches into the lead screen but the game crashes out. Someone said there was a problem with the bios for DC and had to move some files. Tried reicast and no joy.

  7. darkness winZ says:

    How the hell do I put n64 Roms on Hyperspin it won’t even launch lol it sais missings Roms

  8. Craig says:

    I’ve downloaded and installed Hyperspin on the shield however when I go into the app a message of “no hyperspin data folder found!”

    Any suggestions on what I do?

  9. Roy Baskerville says:

    Nice piece of work, thanks a lot. I gotta ask though, is it possible to play every game just on retroarch? Or installing all of them emus is a must?

  10. Tywan Williams says:

    Can you do a tutorial on how to do it without a pc ?

  11. dubbeatdown says:

    So the lastest one do you not have to download the emulators?

  12. Kay Eigh says:

    Thank you for the video. I have always been looking for a place that has all the game files in one download link.

  13. Mario says:

    I've just gotten my Nvidia Shield and I love it. One of the reasons I wanted one was for HyperSpin so the timing of this video is perfect. I have a question though…how did you setup the network access for the Shield & Toshiba ext hdd on Windows? I was able to do it with my Raspberry Pi but I'm stuck when it comes to the Shield. Many thanks

  14. KAZZNORE says:

    Can u download a clean version of hyperspin and add the games you want after instead ?

  15. Brian Younes says:

    I think the Torrent file is damaged in some way, any advice??

  16. carsonky says:

    I love your videos. I never even thought about using a external drive on the shield. I have a 128 gb flash filled with dreamcast so to be able to play any and all whenever I want sounds like a dream. I'll dig my 1.5 tb out of storage and get HS installed. Thank you

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