Huskar vs Troll Warlord Dota2 Duel 1V1 carry battle

Huskar vs Troll Warlord Dota2 Duel 1V1 carry battle
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  1. le anh says:

    Terrorblade battle

  2. david j says:

    I defeated many bcoz of my genius

  3. david j says:

    Weak if I was huskar I will use radiance ur dagger will have no chance to me I've defeated many players in duel and matches if I cannot out fight them I will out smart them I defeated thousands many noob gamers by the way I'm immortal 1000 I will challege u to a fight reply to me if ur not gay

  4. dirty Joe says:

    is basher working with troll pasive one?

  5. American Arich says:

    Слабый компуктер=дотка на минималках

  6. Kuiy Lolipe says:

    Jah rakal es un dios contra huscar

  7. Leonardo De Capricorn says:


  8. Saunaa Tuana says:

    What game mode is this

  9. helloCortez xd says:

    One am pudge pe

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