How to Use and Counter Mega Knight | Clash Royale

How to counter Mega Knight and how to use Mega Knight! Advanced tips and tech near the end. To win the Mega Knight challenge, I recommend focusing on how to counter him. PEKKA, Mini PEKKA, Knight + Bats, Musketeer, Minions or whatever are reliable counters.


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  1. Pi Plague says:

    I can emagine my oppents face when i use this guy with a princess , bandit and magic archer

  2. cleantofu says:

    6:54 I just realized that the electro wizard does the spider man hand gesture when he zaps

  3. Shehzad Iqbal says:

    The best counter for me, inferno dragon with a bit of distractions here and there or a small tank in combination with inferno dragon.

  4. Seenivas Annamalai says:

    Place a inferno tower or a tesla, he would be easily countered

  5. Erozionnn Productions says:

    I use skeleton army to counter it

  6. Flashstar 123 says:

    Mega Knight is the most fuking stupid troop in this game, especially because I’m under leveled.

  7. Anthony C. says:

    Just spwam barbarians on top of it and it works every time

  8. tootingb says:

    Can they just delete this card from the game plz ffs

  9. X Fade X says:

    I push with this troop and a night witch

  10. Andrey Okhrimets says:

    Nice usage of mega night, thx for explaining

  11. Izz amin shah Abdullah says:

    mega knight should be banned

  12. GamingBlock YT says:

    Two word to counter mega knight; mini peka, valkyrie

  13. TG France says:

    Mega knight: counters almost every card in the fucking game
    Supercell: lets only make 3 cards be able to somewhat counter him

  14. U Y says:

    The knight just kills my mega knight cause of the level

  15. Stil says:

    Inferno dragon just obliterates him

  16. Allegro says:

    This is fake!! There are no level 1 mega knights

  17. Xxdelta16 says:

    10:54 he costs 75 more elixir?

  18. Hugo The Dog says:

    The most annoying thing is:

    All my opponents use it

  19. Yeet Vasquez says:

    3:39 only spawned 4 barbs

  20. TriHard ❼ says:

    enable caption when mega knight talks

  21. Mr.Magical! says:

    I don’t know if the mega knight cost 79 elixir but

  22. pepr 69 says:

    Fucking hate this card

  23. DC says:

    You see the problem isn't just the mega knight. ITS THE TROOPS THAT BACK IT UP

  24. Oji-sama says:

    A mini Pekka and Electro Wiz will easily take it out

  25. Crispyy Waffle says:

    All the bots use this shit.

  26. End of Pixel says:

    Why is this fucking card even in the game

  27. leni harahap says:

    My enemy: has mega knight
    me:now this is an AVENGERS level threat

  28. Steven Loomis says:

    Cards are very OP, unless I'm playing them and then they stink Royaly.

  29. Antoni Cudek says:

    Thx i got a mega night from magical chest this vid helped me a lot

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