How to Setup Your iPhone 7 & 7 Plus


  1. Rana Ranasabooor says:

    Mare pass iPhone 7 plus h wo id luock ho giya h

  2. Alma Morales says:

    Is it true that you can just get the SIM card from your old I phone and install it in your new I phone and that would be it?

  3. Alma Morales says:

    You speak just TOO fast! It is hard to follow. Maybe you can try speaking slower next time.

  4. Haji Khan says:

    I am also taking the hello hum Lallan bol rahe hain. English man can't help me but can you help me

  5. Lisa Wallace says:

    thank u so much I really needed this😂because I'm getting a iphone finally cause I've had a android for 3 in a half years I got the iphone cause my phone broke but I'm on my mom's phone but thank u sooo much

  6. Lily Donlon says:

    Thank you! Very helpful

  7. ploy ptk says:

    My I phone 7plus Activation lock

  8. Joel Almemdarez says:

    What time is it

  9. Faith F says:

    I just got my iPhone 7 and I can’t make any calls. It says I have to purchase a pin or something. I also can’t receive any calls and I can only text apple products. Please help me !!

  10. Sync Orb says:

    How do you get billing code and security code.


  11. Bianco Nero says:

    my home button is broken i cant press it to continue ! what should i do ? help me plz

  12. Quaza OLD CHANNEL says:

    What do i do if it asks to verify my identity by a code from another phone, but my phone is broken?

  13. alamin bhuyain says:

    Muslim alamin bhuyain

  14. william Elliot says:

    just call:- (1-888-704-9305) If you backed up via iphone connect your iPhone the computer that you backed up your old iPhone to. iTunes will check that you want to restore from backup of set up as new. if any issue related how to configure iphone you need to contact us for this number.

  15. Zaheer Abbas says:

    Shit 💩💩💩💩

  16. krenn08 says:

    Absolutely did not show how to create an Apple ID account…

  17. Scarlet Marie says:

    I'm getting the iPhone 7 plus red for my birthday❤️ it's really nice phone

  18. Tele BrosTV says:

    Guys PLEASE HELP ME OUT !!! I've dropped my iPhone 7 plus and it opened between the back antenna lines and the other part. Now first of all the "glue" that makes the parts waterproof is gone , and second of all I dont know what to do. PLEASE HELP ME OUT

  19. Dina Lyn Mataga says:

    i want to ask if where or how i can open the gprs in iphone bcos its my first time to use iphone…i hope i can get an answer..thank u in advance

  20. Anthony Marlow says:

    What if I want to get a unactivated iPhone 7 will it be easier to set up?

  21. hazza shafa says:

    so without inserting the simcard first, the phone can't be activated? please i need answers

  22. K Hendrix says:

    I Restored my IPhone 6s Plus to my New IPhone 7 Plus, but my IPhone 7 isn't Recognizing my WIFI or my Phone Number. When I Text people they say my email shows up not my Phone Number, and when I text people with Androids the message fails.
    Should I just factory reset my new iPhone 7 plus and start the setup process again?

  23. Emziboo says:

    been using Samsung for ages and imnreally stuck on getting the SIM into the phone

  24. Antonio Mora says:

    my iphone 7 says my number its unknown why?

  25. Thomas Green says:

    Thanks Always wanted to

  26. shadyguy6600 says:

    Can you restore without updating to the latest firmware ?

  27. Aditya Das says:

    I just recently bought an iphone 7….do we reallu need an apple A/C and is it free

  28. ivan ugalde says:

    can't wait im getting mines in a few days

  29. Louie Avila says:

    Instructions unclear, got my dick stuck in the lightning port

  30. Music Teacher Guy says:

    Anyone know why I get no notifications about new voicemails?

  31. Erica Reese says:

    you didn't cover everything… you only went 1 route.

  32. Kayla Ferguson says:

    Very helpful!

  33. gimphooluvstogimp says:

    This was very helpful thank you for posting

  34. TheRussian Best says:

    Thanks. This information helped me a lot.

  35. Zach Hadley says:

    I'm so pissed because My IPhone 7 plus just came in, but my mom is telling me that it's not my I phone and that it is "other things" hopefully she'll let me open it today!

  36. Timothy-Shane Rausch says:

    I didn't get the first part…..where after u try and activate ur cell phone

  37. Cece N says:


  38. Stephen Fiore says:

    ………. I'm buying an "Unlocked" Phone from a brick and mortar Apple Store, or Apple online (depending upon the immediate availability and back-order status). My "No-Contract" service will be with Metro-PCS. I will be transferring my phone number from a Virgin Mobile phone. I want someone there when I set up the phone. Where do you recommend setting up the phone at A) At Home with Apple on a Lan line phone, B) At Home with Metro-PCS on the Lan line phone. C) At the Apple Store if get at a brick and mortar store, or at D) The Metro-PCS store? Please choose between A, B, C or D. Also, where do I get the correct SIM card (does Apple or Metro-PCS give it to me)? Thanks.

  39. Dylan Roberts says:

    the iPhone 7 says "Hallo"

  40. sahil patel says:

    any new wallpapers?

  41. Gaming Boy Plays says:

    Nice video

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